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British Broadcasting Corporation

British Broadcasting Corporation

The upgrading and innovation in the sector of broadcasting has made the globe to be a small village. Individuals easily converse with each other across the world. News is channeled from one country to another across the planet. This has enabled people to be aware of what is happening in different parts of the world. Numerous broadcasting stations have been established and are constantly competing to win the highest number of viewers. This competition has prompted these stations to improve their services in order to be the best. In order to compete effectively and operate smoothly, a broadcasting station requires adequate funding. For this reason, numerous financial support models have been established to ensure that the broadcasting station operates successfully. The British Broadcasting Corporation is among the numerous broadcasting stations that have been in existence for many years. The financial support model for this station changes with time. The media industry experiences diverse changes with regard to their funding models.

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A significant transformation has been evidenced from time to time in the funding models of broadcasting stations across the planet. Scores of these stations fund their own services while others may get the help of the government through its revenue. This paper draws attention to the British Broadcasting Corporation.

This broadcasting station is situated and operates from London. It’s headquarter is located in Broadcasting Houses in Westminster, London. It serves as a British public service station as it is concerned with commercial as well as communal matters. The British Broadcasting Corporation gets its funding from tax that is collected annually referred to as television license fee. The collecting process is carried out by government officials. This collection caters for all British households. The amount of fee to pay was determined by the government.  For any collection to happen, an approval form authorized by the parliament must be presented by the collecting officers. The British Broadcasting Corporation initially acted as a public station but as time progressed, it shifted to the private sector where it started handling advertisements.

History of BBC Funding Model

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The United Kingdom established the British Broadcasting Corporation with the aim of channeling public issues to citizens. Its establishment was essential since the government intended to reach the massive population in order to update them on current government dealings. Due to this large population, the government was forced to make its citizens compensate for the services offered by the station. This is when the government introduced the television license fee where all people with houses paid a specified fee yearly. In December 1932, the United Kingdom government transformed the broadcasting station to become the British Broadcasting Corporation. It had been turned into an international station. This change meant the station to required additional finance. This could not be raised through television the license fee only. The British government was enlisted to aid in funding through domestic license fee (BBC, 11).

Currently, due to the emergence of many private broadcasting stations, the British Broadcasting Corporation has sort for alternative means of improving their funding. The British Broadcasting Corporation worldwide limited provides a wide range of market that covers a wide geographical area. Furthermore, it provides commercial services to the private sector and personal commercial business. It promotes new-fangled products and the sell of novel products in which they charge a service fee. There are several branches that have emerged as a result of the success of the British Broadcasting Corporation. They support their own activities as well as boost the operations of the mother station by supplementing its funds. These affiliates include: post production limited and studio. The British Broadcasting Corporation worldwide limited acquires funds from its business revenue. The branches came up due to high demand of advanced technology and the emergency of many broadcasting stations (Lewis, 67).

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The funding models have changed from time to time. This trend has been going on since the establishment of the station. This shows that for an advertising media to advance, it needs to change its operating strategies. The growth of this station ahs influenced funding models to change significantly. Initially, it utilized television license fee as its funding model. However, when it advanced, the station recruited the assistance of the government funding through the domestic license fee. Many media houses the world over have undergone changes from time to time. This has also affected the American broadcasting media stations which have adjusted their funding models (BBC, 9).

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