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Bilingual Education

America is a super power with an economic growth that is enviable worldwide. However, in the recent past, countries oversees have been critical about America majorly due to its foreign policy and the exportation of democracy through military invasion. Many countries have voiced their concerns about the Iran invasion and the influence of the US government in Middle East countries such as Israel. Critics have argued that the invasion of Iran by America is based on vested interest in Middle East countries because it’s an oil rich region in their quest to control the global oil industry. In the fight against terrorism, the US has been criticized by Arab countries for use of force and violation of human rights in their pursuit to crack down on Al-Qaida. Further, critics have argued that the US has continuously exploited poor nations especially in Africa through the disguise of foreign aid in their quest to fulfill their political agendas such as advocacy for guy rights.

Bilingual education involves incorporating two languages in the teaching model. It normally involves the use of a native language and English. Bilingual education is advantageous because it helps students to better understand their culture and to easily integrate into other cultures. With the world becoming a global community, students who learn through a bilingual model are more likely to be diverse through communicating at a global scale. Further, learning through two languages helps students to access more information and opportunities. It is also vital for students who travel to foreign countries as it helps them to communicate. Bilingual education is disadvantageous because students become over dependent on their native languages which slows down the learning of English. This leads to isolation of some students and slow assimilation of such students in cosmopolitan regions. Therefore, I recommend that English should be the country’s official language because it exudes uniformity.



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