Advertising and Marketing

Part A

The term integrated marketing and communication is widely used to refer to an appropriate approach given towards achieving business objectives through a thorough market campaign in marketing or business advertisement. It also ensures a well-coordinated usage of different methods that involve promotion and any other means that can be used as reinforcement. It recognizes important values, which entail comprehensive plans that are intended for evaluations of particular strategic obligations, all possible plans of communication, sales strategies and the resulting public relations. Similarly, promotion of products complements the issues of clarity, and the impact of maximum proper communication. The synergy gives suggestions to the whole structure of messages, including the links and any repletion, forms a meaning for any situation with any little attractiveness towards the impact of advertisement. IMC has been growing at a very high and alarming rate due to its significances of understanding the customers’ strategic value of integrating the communication functions, instead of making them autonomous.

They ensure coordination of communication within the company for the efficiency of avoiding the duplication of efforts and hence taking advantage of the synergy efforts of carrying out promotion. It also makes efforts of ensuring high returns to the company through related promotions that may result from advertisements. Similarly, integrated kind of marketing encourages the marketers to make a change of the environment, as far as consumers are concerned, and the technological trends. For quite a long period of time, the marketers could pay large ammounts of money to the media so that it can advertise and deliver the message, thus making an impact on them and influencing them to purchase products. This exercise could see a large number of customers who get influenced through the adverts and this causes high quality sales. Therefore, the VW’s campaign of the ‘punch dub is appropriate, since it allows the company to make a reasonable sales of the products to the customers and increase the sales.

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The IMC can use the tools of branding through ensuring a unique brand for its products that will provide the company with a more attractive marketing strategy for the customers. The company’s brand should be simple for customers to identify the products with much ease thus saving their time searching the commodities. The branding should be able to combine a good number of factors, including the name, logo, the performance of the product and the design together with the packaging. This will enable the company to earn a large market for its products in the US market.

The IMC branding plays a significant role through ensuring a stable identity and sustainable equity of the products of a company like the Volkswagen. Therefore, a well brand is capable of having a strong association and a good feeling in the mind of customers. The branding activity can influence the customer to make decisions on the pricing of the commodity in regard depending on the extent at which the product design can attract the customer and the much it is capable of withstanding the market trends.

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The customers points of contact are the points of influence of an advertisement on potential customers decision. Volkswagen may use the sale promotion as a contact point to reach out customers through promotions of the products. The use of the brochures and the internet adverts make a better contact between the company and the customers thus paving ways to customers. It also involves interaction with customers to get their complaints on the products and make appropriate adjustments to fit their demands where possible. The Volkswagen is using the internet adverts to make customer contact of their product. This is a good example, since it enables the company to get a wide variety of customers form different parts of the world, making the products famous. The use of sales representatives presents the company and makes advertisements on behalf of the company for its products thus giving the company a better customer contact.

Part B

The total number of interviewed people was seventeen million five hundred and sixty two thousand (17,560,000). The age group that had a large number of fish eaters was people aged between 50 years to 60 years.

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The total number of people who ate chicken the whole week, as per the survey, was fourteen million eight hundred and twenty nine thousand (14,829,000).

The number of females who ate chicken during the week was seven million five hundred and sixty six thousand (7,566,000), while the men who ate chicken is seven million two hundred and sixty three thousand (7,263,000). This shows to the marketers that chicken is more marketable to females, as compared to males. There should be a concern to make for adverts that will influence males to consume more of the chicken, hence improving sales.

The males at age between 14 years and 17 years, who ate mutton and lamb, is at a very low number and this shows that they do not prefer lamb and mutton at this age. At the age of 65 years, lamb and mutton is highly consumed by men, as compared to the age of 14-17 years. At the age of 65 year, lamb and mutton is highly consumed by the elderly people to give them more fats which increase their energy in the body, if compared to young people who are active. This is because the elderly people are not very active for their bodies to accumulate energy.

This information is more important for the marketers to make distinctions of what to sale to whom; what is the preferred commodity for a given group of people and hence meeting the customers demand. If the marketers understand the market and demand for their products, it enables them to deliver services and products more conveniently for the satisfaction of needs and demands to the customers. Therefore, when making media advertisements, depending on the age group target, it is important to choose the language to use, the channels and nature of adverts. This is crucial because, young generation would prefer an advert that is more appealing to their eyes, depending on the changing technological trends, as compared to old people. The findings are important in analyzing the market demand for products and services that will enhance business within a given locality. Before a supermarket establishes and begins to provide product for its customers, it is therefore important to analyze the market in order to understand its customers. This will enable it to avail services that satisfy their needs thus achieving the sales and market targets.

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