Book Review: Dakhmheh by Naveed Noori

The book Dakhmheh is a fictional book, authored by a renowned writer—Naveed Noori. The entire book speaks about an Iranian man—Arash who returns home after his family had fled to America at the time of Iranian Revolution. The novel Dakhmheh is Noori’s first-time book. The book speaks of Arash’s uncomfortable feeling during his stay in America and thus, even with the begging from the mother and sister not to go back to Iran, he goes there after his mother’s death. Dakhmeh is a critical and plausible look in an oppressive and religious state, and warns of dangers of allowing too much religion in government.

Page 121

This was after Arash’s recovery from a serious beating and after being taken to the hospital and the visit from Mr. Soleymaani—one of the artilleries of the system that extend and rip people who have wafted into conduct that is counter-revolutionary. Mr. Soeymaani shows three different personalities of himself when he unconcernedly denounces the man who gave Arash his paper and pen to death. He showed scary, reasonable, and compassionate traits of himself. Mr. Soeymaani orders his driver to take the miserable man away. Arash is not as eloquent as before when he replies to the questions he is asked. In Arash’s mind, he thinks a lot and he is disappointed and discouraged that the home country he very much strived to see and offer a hand in changing bad regimes does not need that from him and instead; his mother land wants his physical energy and his soul. 




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