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Religious Art

Religion is the source of all belief in the unknown. Perhaps, that is why there is a lot of symbolic use of various religious items, and practices. This paper examines a number of symbols that Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims and Christians embrace in the adoration of their faiths.

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Christians have different symbols representing various aspects of their faith. One notable symbol is the Baptismal Symbol. It consists of the Greek cross with the letter “X”. The “X” is the first initial of the designation “Christ”. This symbol signifies regeneration or rebirth. As a result, it has a strong association with the act of Baptism of most Christians.

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In Islam, one common symbol is a combination of the Crescent and the star. Although its origin remains vague, the symbol was the flag of the Ottoman Empire which dominated as a Muslim power for about 700 years. Since the Ottomans represented Islam, their flag also ended up as a representation of the religion.

Besides, there exists the Trihsula, a symbol in Hinduism. This has alternative names of trisula or trishul. It is a trident spear which is the emblem of the god, Shiva. This weapon symbolizes the irresistible might of the transcendental truth and empire. Its three prongs represent three aspects of the destroyer, preserver and the creator.

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Finally, there is the Buddhists’ Parasol. In Buddhism, the Parasol represents protection from the sun’s heat and is a symbol of royal dignity. The hidden meaning of this is that the symbol is a representation of protection of Buddhist believers from suffering.

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