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Frost Art Museum

The tour took place in the evening at the Patricia and Philip Frost Museum. The visit took place in December 12, from 6pm to 9pm. Among the ones, who attended the exhibitions at the museum were my friends. The experience was exciting and educative. The experience included a guide to the museum and light refreshments and music. Our group experienced exciting and educative cultural event under the guidance of the Curator, one of the most experienced guides as he had more acquaintance with the museum.

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The Frost Art Museum was founded in 1977. Initially it was a student’s gallery, and with time, the museum has grown. It has achieved local and international recognition as one of the best cultural institutions. The Frost Museum gained popularity in the 90’s. It gained qualification as the designated significant cultural institutions by both the state of Florida and the Miami – Dade County. The museum hosts different forms of art, history, music, architecture and theater, dance and speech communication. Over the years, this museum has gained respect from its innovations and exhibitions. It also has outstanding educational series and outreach programs that fit for a diverse audience. Through the aid from the government and other local agencies, the museum can offer admission free to all the exhibitions and the public events held at the museum.

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The two exhibitions at the museum are “Reflections Across Time: Seminole Portraits” and the “Ivan Navarro: Fluorescent Light Sculptures”. “Reflections Across Time: Seminole Portraits” is from the Seminole Tribe of Florida. It is one of the Native American ethnographic and historical exhibitions. The other Seminole portraits featured included the Seminole leaders’ portrait of Edward Cutis and George Catlin. This artwork illustrates the pride of the heritage, as a reflection of the historical images whose presence has transformed the present. In addition, the traditional regalia from the Seminole tribe were also amongst the exhibitions. The portrait from the Seminole tribe supported funding from the Arts Network. On the other hand, the “Ivan Navarro: Fluorescent Light Sculptures” have evolved from the use of extensive exploration of light and electric materials. These exhibitions bring out the profound riches in the dialogue between the modern and the contemporary art, designs and music, which have had a significant contribution to the history of art. “Ivan Navarro: Fluorescent Light Sculptures” featured the three floor sculptures and videos, which illuminated to the floors, walls and the thematic directions of the sculptures.

Apart from these two exhibitions, the museum also has permanent collections including the general collection, the metropolitan museum collections and the collections from the Oscar B foundation. The general collection consists of works done on paper with strong representation of the American printmaking. There are also a growing number of paintings including the donations from the Brazilian and the Haitians folk art collections.  The other things seen include the Kenan- Flagler Family Discovery Gallery. This gave us the opportunity for an interactive activity with my friends with the principal aim of education and entertainment. This state of art gallery contained 13 sections including the computer based displays and the opportunity to take pictures and reproduce them on a touch screen.

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Briefly, the experience at the museum was extremely educative and compelling. There is so much to learn at the museum and the guide assigned to our group was perfect. Several visits, to the museum, are important for the learning purposes. The exhibitions at the museum were a true reflection of the historical development in art, and there was a clear distinction between the different existing arts, although all these differences where masked by the harmony found in art.

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