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The human body was developed with varied sculpture sizes using different materials, sizes and colours. This essay paper reflects these sizes with the varied sculpture representation of human images. All the sculpture arts nearly have the same information but in varied context and representations. The human body was made of many complicated parts but are really designed to convey the same information.

Depicting of a human body

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The human sculpture was created in three-dimensional formats both in the ancient near east and Egypt under the pharaohs as well as the prehistoric Aegean. They were crafted using different materials compacted together to form a human representation. They were both created artworks by compacting and shaping through the use of hard materials like stone. Typically, materials used included stone and marble. In other instances, materials like plastic, clay and polymers may be used. Both the sculptures were worked through removal and caring of some parts to bring the desired shapes of the art. Other parts were also assembled and hardened by firing like clay.

Carving was predominant in both sculptures and smoothing to bring the right texture representation of the human body. Surfaces were also decorated using paints but in some instances, they used designs and shaping that brought about real appearance in the state of the art. These sculptures are best referred as plastic art because of the use of materials that could be remoulded and modulated to produce the required shape.

The selection of materials used was the same in both the near East Asian sculpture and the African sculpture in Egypt. This is because sculpture works seek to produce permanent and durable items that could last for a long period of time. The Asian sculpture was mainly representation of their religion. Asian art is a religion based on Hinduism and Buddhism. For example, in Thailand the human sculpture was mainly depicting Buddha images. However, the Asian sculpture favoured two-dimensional sculptures, as opposed to African sculpture. African sculptured tends to favour the common three-dimensional artworks.

The Egyptian art sculpture that represents African sculpture tends to represent ancient Egypt deities known as the pharaohs while the Asian sculpture represented their religions. The African sculpture also depicted the servants and even the royalties in the Egyptian artworks physical forms. Very strict rules were followed while crafting the African sculpture like male artwork was darker than the female art. These laid down conventions were strictly followed in ranking the artwork. Most of the Asian sculptures were painted with a variety of colours while the African sculptures were painted with only on colour. The Asian sculptures too are the oldest than the African sculpture.

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A wide variety and style of painting was used ranging from oiling, aerosol and gilding. The paint in the sculpture always fades off with time. The Asian sculpture used a wider range of materials like in Japan they even used wood. The case in the African sculpture was mainly the use of stones. The African sculpture is typically elongated in structure than the Asian human sculptures. They are also angular in shape and have body features representing the ideal art rather than the individual. In contrast with the Asian sculpture that is associated with the religion, most of the African sculpture is used in a variety of rituals. They are made  to have surfaces that can be coated  with materials so as to be used for ceremonial and ritual functions

The African sculpture also has heart shaped expressions in their human sculpture faces that are curved inwards to display the real facial expressions. The Asian artwork uses wood most of the time thus inward carving is a bit difficult to undertake. Some African culture like the east African sculpture has curved poles to take human shapes. The decorations used here are the geometric forms. Asian sculpture took different style and materials. The sculptors seek new material and ways to produce different sculptures. For example, stained glasses, automobile parts, hardware, and parts of the machines.

Materials that are used in sculpture are always divers depending on the durability and the features desired to be depicted in the sculpture. The sculpture chooses materials depending on the final product desired and the durability of the material such that the durability of the art is realized. Throughout history, the material selection kept on changing with time and availability. Both the African and the Asian sculpture represent certain features. They are all used for religious inclination and rituals.

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Materials used in producing different works of human art vary throughout the geographical settings. In that context, therefore, different sculptures are found in different parts of the world. The human body was made of many complicated parts, but are really designed to convey the same information. The durability of the sculpture is essential in that it preserves the historical and religious information. The sculpture of Egypt is renowned for the pharaoh's kingdom and leadership for many years. With the improvement in civilization. Adding of more artistic expressions and features is key to enhancing the continuity in the artwork. The use of colours and modern materials is key to great artwork. Sculpture work lasted for many years, and there are still outstanding artworks of sculpture due to the use of durable materials. Sculpture is an important form of holding and expressing public art in the world as well as preserving the world history.

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