Art Romanticism

Art as a subject to many is just a pastime but to those with a passion it makes more to their lives. Art is important in many ways especially since it affects many ways of life; the most important being that it plays a role in communication. Without communication in life there will be a lot of problems. Art also exist in the daily life of individuals in very many forms and it takes only appreciating it to earn its benefits. Art integrates many aspects in life and although every thing in life has it importance art is seen in everyday activities. This paper looks at the importance of art in society and education but why it is not important to major in political science.

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There are very many hobbies and subjects that are practiced by many people these include painting, music, literature, sculpting that fall under art, all these areas and more require interests and creativity. In all the other subjects and career art stands out as the most creative of them all. Society has come to regard art as just performing and that it does not have any connection with academic and intellectual intelligence. However, some have come to accept art as a means of life with others developing it over time to incorporate it in the study system. It is not possible to make an audit on what art can do to society but the effects are generally major.

Art is a passion to certain people and it is part of them in that they practice it from deep within their spirit. They cling to it not only for a livelihood but because they enjoy what they do. If everything is analyzed every career develops from art, whichever career such as political sciences, scientists and philosophers they all start from within just like art. Art is very important in discovering oneself. It gives everyone a chance to express one self and discover what they are made of. This is most important in view of the fact that the individuals' creativity, strengths and weaknesses are discovered making it possible to achieve their dreams.

With art persons are able to have freedom of expression which means that whatever he or she wants or dreams to be. That participating in art expresses them easily and their thoughts and events are able to be understood better. This is because communication is a key component in art. As numerous people continue to join arts they are able to communicate numerous ideas and impact on the aspects in society. Art changes social systems in that with various art forms act to communicate a change in behavior, thinking and practices. Performances have been organized with objectives to pursue people change odd behaviors or characters.

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In the education system art has been a major aspect in discovering what children love and enjoy doing, through drawing, singing, paintings, and sewing the tutors discover the likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses of the children. Art and craft has been very instrumental where they have been taught to the children thus making them more confident, more aware of themselves, more creative and better mature as they grow up. They discover their talents and the parents support them in achieving and furthering their dreams.

The different benefits in the school system include that the exposure to art at very early ages develop the brain activity in the children making them better individuals; it also augments the cover of knowledge in children making their minds more sharp, bright and educated. Art will also be very effective in building the emotions of the child in that he or she will be more self confident, boost self esteem, cooperation, motivate the individual and enhance communication.

Art also helps people appreciate what others have to offer their opinions and points of view. This is important in ensuring a peaceful coexistence within the society. To many people who practice art they are able to have skills in problem solving and decision making; they are also able to bring imagination to a real world and with determination they achieve what they purpose.

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Art not only makes sense or matters to artists it is the issue of the whole society in that the beauty, light and pomp of the world is achieved and expressed through art. It enhances the experiences in which society has gone through which expresses emotions and ideas that assist in making the society more cohesive and united. It also enhances businesses, homes and public places and brings new horizons and landscapes that society explores to become better.

The issue of art being important is undisputable since its effects are felt and witnessed through the day to day living of individuals, however to major in political science will be a different thing. Though it helps the social system in discovering who they are political science would deviate its course in mastering art; this will be a change in career. There is no doubt that art is interconnected to all subjects in one way or the other and thus one may study both, however majoring in art while in political science would be a change that does not reflect what the student wants. Art has already helped the student discover his passion in political science thus this should progress and not go back to rediscover him/herself. In conclusion art is important but not important to major in political science.

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