The Movie Sergeant York

The idea that was incorporated by the movie “Sergeant York” is a Biographical movie which tells about life of Alvin York who was one of the most adorned soldiers in the United States of America during the First World War. In the movie Alvin York who was a young farmer ties to support his mother and the rest of his family though he was so much used to fighting and drinking a lot especially on Saturday nights. At one point he deprived of some prime farmland but made a lot of effort to purchase and this made him almost to take a brutal payback (Lasky and Wallis, 1941). However some truthful bolt from nowhere opened up his eyes to show him the mistakes of his conduct. He later became a very religious man and started fighting for a diplomatic life with his beloved Gracie Williams.Alvin York is again called back to sign a draft but with the assistance from the leader of his spiritual move he applies for an exclusion, however he is invited back to serve. He’s very first noticed as a natural leader and an exceptional shot, but his superiors know that he is still intensely conflicted. However he is requested to comprehend the United States of America’s account in conjunction with the Bible which was the basement of his believe. Later he proceeds to Tennessee to make up his mind whether he can bring together his conscientious objector duty to God besides his duties for his country (Lasky and Wallis, 1941). According to the standards of today, this movie has been taken to be very slow even though it is still taken to be the most patriotic and inspiring movie. With Alvin York’s uncertainty to go back into the war and his final choice that he can save more lives using his power than he can when he refused to fight is an ethical predicament that each solder and even nation undergoes when war arises. Later after his squad experienced very high causalities together with some other people who were not commissioned officers but had become causalities, Alvin York assumed the instructions and courageously charged the most important seven men with great and brave machine guns and poured tedious and ceaseless fire upon his squad. And now as a hero his guns were taken and together with some four officers and also few men with numerous weapons (Lasky and Wallis, 1941).When the Second World War started him tried to join up once more the Infantry although was deprived of due to his age. As an alternative he went on companionship excursions and made individual manifestations to maintain the endeavors of war. He also persuaded for the situation of the need for a reserve authority at residence level and in 1941 he became dynamic in the formation of Tennessee State Guard, in which he served as an authoritative Officer and Colonel of the seventh Infantry division. Later he was also occupied with armed forces employment apart from going over expeditions with the military of the United States of America for training (Lasky and Wallis, 1941).

From the movie we are told that York who joined the army to fight against the Germans refuses to kill and by the help of his pastor he applies for an exemption as a conscientious objector. His supervisors who identified his natural talent of being a leader and an outstanding shot entice him to serve his nation by giving him a break so that he can read the book which contained an American history alongside the bible in order to change his mind and reconcile his conscientious objector duty to God with his obligation to serve his beloved nation. His superiors are portrayed as desperate men who want to keep York at any cost; they seem to entice him a lot a scenario that does not exist in the present day military camps. The Idea that York did not want to kill the German solders despite the fact that six of his men are dead is not true with our present day solders. Although the United States of America’s citizen enjoys the freedom of worship, this freedom is curtailed especially when the country is at war. In the present America, the army superiors have no chance to entice the juniors; they consider them as chattels which are at their disposal (Lasky and Wallis, 1941). The simplistic nature of the movie especially the idea of people riding on the mules in the 20th century may irritate some audience but the truth remains that this mode of transport still do exist with the people of Pennsylvania in the united states of America. Also the simplistic way in which the church congregation is swayed by the pastor’s ideas in the movie may perplex many but the fact is there are many religious ministries that are operating in the modern day America without the advantage of formal ordination. These religious ministries dedicate themselves in preaching the word of God as it is written in the Bible. It is the interpretation that determines between the holy congregation and the snake dancers. This still exist in the present day America.

The movie incorporates the three perspectives: first there is the religious perspective of how powerful the word of God is that it can reshape the lives of the people for the better. This is portrayed when we are shown York a drunkard who indulgence in violent acts gets converted to become a peace maker who shunned alcohol for the sake of Christianity. This is true and common in the present America as the bible prohibits use of excessive wine which can lead to debauchery. Secondly there is the patriotic perspective that comes to the scene when we see York reconciling his duty to serve God with the duty to serve his country after reading the history of America alongside the bible. Also we are shown brave York who with the held of nearly ten solders captures over one hundred Germany solders and other heroic acts. Lastly, there is the love perspective when we see York a young boondocks chap who is wooing a young girl to be his wife. I think this love idea was incorporated into the movie to give the movie a comic relieve.In conclusion, when I look at the time the movie was produced I conclude that this movie was designed to serve as an example for those conflicted about war. The ideas that are portrayed in this movie still exist in the United States of America and this movie is almost certainly one of the greatest movies ever that is extraordinary. The authentic Alvin York perhaps the United States of America’s least recognized hero, informed Hollywood that he would permit them to create the movie if only they depicted him and told the entire story and the movie stroked the mark. The movie also shows how President Wilson badly treated the rights of religions that were in opposition to hostility and conflict. I trust that the influential message given in the movie is appropriate in today's society and also typical for the generations that will come. I end by saying that movie was used to support the second world war propaganda that world war II was more of a defense than the way many people viewed it.Lasky, J., Wallis, H. (Producer), & Hawks, H.Sergeant York [Videotape].New York, NY: Warner Brothers.

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