Fashion and Pop Culture

Fashion has been one of the most significant phenomenon in the world. It affects the attitude of most people towards both themselves and others, though many would deny it. The refutation, however, is more often than not disagreed with by our own consumption lifestyles. The surfacing of fashion as a past phenomenon contributes to a main distinguishing feature with modernization; the break with tradition and a never-ending venture to reach the new world. It can be referred to as the everlasting reappearance of the new. I would say that an understanding of fashion is necessary because it helps in gaining a sufficient consideration of the modern world. However, it can not be declared that fashion is the key capable of providing such an understanding. On the other hand, fashion may seem as the least important thing one would ever image (McRobbie 5). In many instances, the prefix fashion has been used to refer to something that lacks substance and seriousness.What it fashion?Fashion has been criticized as early as 14th century. People were said to look outrageous when they put on attires that diverged from the society's perspective. It was morally condemned and the subject matter contempt. Fashion is not just a matter of clothes, it can be considered as a mechanism or a philosophy that applies to almost every plausible area of the modern world. It has a close connection to clothes but it is obvious that not all clothes can be included under fashion. It distinguishes people into different social groups according to the fashion upheld by each group. Fashion also exists among academics and intellectuals. It has to do with which subjects are in their social groups and which are out and which approaches can be said to be sexy and which are not (McRobbie 6).Fashion and pop culture

Fashion has a direct connection to popular culture and people are perceived to belong to a certain popular culture depending on the kind of fashion they uphold. For example as seen above, it is very easy to recognize academic intellectual by just observing their mode of dressing. The eminence of clothes and the production processes are becoming less significant, and the role that the fashion system plays in assembling and allocating the image of the designer becomes more imperative. Fashion in the 21 century was more about the image and less about clothing. Through research, I found that, fashion used to be a symbol of high culture, and it could not be reached by those lower than the upper classes. Being fashionable or wearing up-to date clothes was an opportunity that was only available for the rich. The line between high and popular culture was noticeable and unbreakable. For example, the French fashion system belonged to the high culture and this is still evident today. As leaders control different forms of culture, fashion influential control fashion-related proceedings and activities. Fashion has turn out to be democratized and can be arrived at to the masses. The latest types of clothes are institutionalized as artistic categories that redefine and to some extent compromise the boundaries. There is a strong link between production and consumption in terms of reputation and status. Those who deal with higher status consumers are ranked higher than those with lower-status ones. Let me give an example of this, in the ancient times, if an individual wanted to attain fortune and fame, value was patronized by a lady of the highest position and power who would wear his creations at a communal gathering.

Youths influence by stars and the multi media?Young men and women will embrace a particular fashion because of their personal image other than the cloths they were. If they feel they want to be associated with a certain social groups they will tend to adapt their culture and fashion without taking much consideration of the cloths they put on. Consequently, this has affected the way the modern generation is clothing. Some of the clothes put on are not morally acceptable and depict a bad image beside the one an individual was yearning for.Young women are more sensitive to stars and the multimedia than men. They will be affected by the character traits displayed by popular stars, they mode of dressing and their fashion as a whole. Women like watching movies and soap operas in order to get insights to improve their mode of dressing. Unfortunately, they expect their male counter parts to emulate the same which in most cases is not the case. As for men, some things pass unnoticed and it would be difficult for them to event realize the type of dressing the stars had put on. However, they are some young men who will run to the shop to get something just because they saw it over the media or it was being worn by their role models. I was shocked when I went to the market last week to find a young man who could hardly walk because his pants were sagging to the thighs. I wondered about the future because it seems we are already in trouble. The youths have adapted a very symptomatic dress code which is a reflection of what we are to expect in future. To make it worse, these are the people who are expected to be lawyers, doctors and professional scholars of tomorrow.Fashion can be said to be the lifestyle of a particular group of people. It is more than clothing though clothing forms part of it. Fashion has been there since the ancient times but has changed with time. It has a relationship to the culture in that, in the past being fashionable or wearing up-to date clothes was an opportunity that was only available for the rich. Young men and women adapt fashion as it changes and are easily influenced by stars and multimedia.

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