Writing Comparison Assignment

This essay will compare and contrast the short story The Looking Glass by Anton Chekov and Narratology an article by Guillemette Lucie in the Absurdist Monthly Review, issue 10 of 2009. The two works are both in the field of literature offering the similarities in terms of the writing style applied. One of the most poignant similarities is the use of portraying a theme. Both of works have a central theme which they depict. The theme of The Looking Glass is hope and desperation, while the theme of Narratology is the use of style in narratology. A common style is the use of the logical progression in the communication of ideas. The short story moves systematically giving the explanations from the beginning of the story to the dream of the main character described until the character wakes up. The Narratology article, on the other hand, logically discusses the aspects of narratology, which are discussed sequentially. Another similarity between the two writings analyzed is the use of the second person in the expression of the message of writing.

The two writings, however, differ in their styles as far as one is technical and the other one is simply a short story. One of the main differences is to the way of the narration. In the short story, the writing is merely narrated, while in the scholarly article there is no narration but rather the exposition applied. Another difference between the two writings is the formatting. The short story is divided into paragraphs and speech patterns, while the article is divided into the sections with each part explaining an aspect of narratology. An important difference between these two works is also such aspect that the short story uses the literary elements as the tools, while in the technical writing of the article there is the use of these technical elements.

The audiences for the technical and literary writing are different in terms of their intended audience. Technical writing is usually intended for a professional audience or for the academically minded people, while the literary writing is usually intended for a general consumption. In this instance, the academic article is intended for an academic and expert audience interested and well versed in the absurdist literature. This informs the use of literary aspects such as mood, the function of narrator, perspective and voice which only the literary people may completely comprehend. The short story is intended at the general audience since it uses a simple language of narration and a common speech language which incorporates dreams and allusions that the public may easily relate to. The article has used such technical terms as the main plot, even-story, and embedded narrative to explain his ideas to the knowledgeable audience. The short story, however, uses the common things like wind, cold in order to provoke the emotions in readers as opposed to the journal article, the purposes of which are to provoke the literary thoughts and discussions.

The two writings are written in order to accomplish the specific goals set by these writers. An academic journal article is usually intended to give the information or exposition regarding a certain aspect of discipline. A literary writer, on the other hand, writes in order to evoke the personal feelings or actions. In this instance, the story The Looking Glass is intended to evoke the emotions of fear, determination and frustration. This is evidenced by the use of such negative stimulus as the cold wind facing the antagonist despite being frustrated by the doctor and distance. The article on narratology, on the other hand, has its goal of giving more information and offering the explanation on how the narratology is structured in the absurd literature and used by absurdist authors. This is achieved by a sequential and logical explanation of different aspects of narratology such as perspective and voice, among others.

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