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Counselling Experience

My first day to take part in the video counselling was never a success. I lacked disclosing skills and required level of competence to carry out the interview as expected. Confusion is what reigned in me having been very nervous to the extent of losing out the topic and being stuck. This emanated from lack of complete surety of what I was doing and what counselling required in actual sense. Nevertheless, it is indisputable fact that knowledge is power, and is compared to light that sends away the dark cloud of ignorance. After gaining adequate knowledge, skills, developing confidence and belief in what I was doing, the last experience in 10 minutes video counselling was superb, everything flown as expected. Unlike the first day, I had acquired all skills, relevant knowledge and exact procedures to execute for a counselling session to be as successful as possible. Therefore, from the second counselling session, I feel great and comfortable with myself.

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In the first incident, I was not armed with necessary techniques required in counselling; while in the last incident, I was aware of all the techniques required to make a counselling session as successful as possible. In the fist experience of video counselling, I hardly employed active listening, tone, body language, note taking, summarizing and paraphrasing. As a result, I never became one with the interviewee and I could not get and information due to failure to actively listen. Besides, my confidence was at stake, owing to the fact that I never took notes and I was not able to master any word hence it was impossible to summarize the entire session or even paraphrase everything the interviewee shared with me.

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Nonetheless, the humble beginning never influenced my growth and zeal to improve on myself. Actually, this breathtaking experience created a gap in heart, which I had to fill to be at peace with myself. In the following video counselling, all the techniques were in my mind. Active listening enabled to get the context and fully understand what the interviewee was saying, and this created an avenue to intertwine my tone with body language. Being aware of all necessities, confidence hardly became a worry. I feel comfortable, because I was able to relate with my interviewee based on the notes I took, the summary of important points I made and the sentences I paraphrased. Therefore, with success in the second session, it is permanently inculcated in me that the distinct counselling techniques are important in meeting the needs of a client and feeling a sense of contentment when everything flows perfectly.

Through the last video counselling, I am fully aware that asking questions helps an interviewee to open up, paraphrasing enables one to convey empathy, genuineness and acceptance, summarizing enable focus on the main points during the session and the goodie bag creating fun and enjoyment within the session making it as lively as possible. In contrast, in the first instance I regarded counselling like any other question, and answer session that never required any art or technique.

Additionally, pattern of sessions also distinguish the two experiences. During the first video counselling, I was ignorant of any required patter to drive a counselling session. However, in the second video counselling, I was able to follow all the clear patterns, which I had learnt in class namely: “introduction, information, gathering, discussion, conclusion and homework.” Consequently, the patterns brought a lot of orderliness and composure in the second occasion. As a result, I feel a sense of professionalism and maturity in relation to ability to carry out a successful session. Therefore, it becomes a general knowledge for me that it is impossible to do successful counselling without abiding by patterns of sessions.

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In conclusion, the first experience was a total fiasco characterized by nervousness and fear, while the second experience was an absolute success characterized by boldness enjoyment and being comfortable. From the two experiences, I come to apprehend that knowledge is the most powerful tool in the universe.

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