Video Review and Analysis

The Rock N’ Roll is the main topic which is covered in the video, but great attention is also paid to the Psychedelic music know as Acid Rock. One of the leading heroes is the drug addicted musician who helped in creating new ideas and sound effects.

The social unrest of the rest of the country only added to the counterculture as a new hallucinogenic drug called LSD which altered the mind was added to the mix at the time when some musicians started to take on the flavor.

The Psychedelic music and Acid Rock originated from rock, blues folk, and country with heavy amplification. The solo instrument is the guitar which has the effect of fuzz-tone, sustain, distortion, and feedback. They say that Acid rock is a hybrid of R&B with a weird stuff. It is Psychedelic rock that served as a bridge to transit from early blues and folk music and was the basis of glam rock, hard rock, progressive rock, and then influenced the development of heavy rock as a sub genre.

For a long time the band called Grateful Dead was a standard bearer for psychedelic music. In 1966 the band started to play the Acid Rock with Paul Kantner and it caused the fact that it became the mainstream of rock n’ roll. Since that time a lot of bands were formed and they were influenced by various things. But the Hard-Rock music which was related to Grateful Dead and drug use made everyone fly high.

Big Brother is considered to be one of the most significant acid Rock bands due to the female vocal of Janis Jophin. The Big Brother once told that they can create any kind of music as in San Francisco they have complete freedom. Thus, becoming the mainstream of rock, the psychedelic music influenced world music, including the music of the US and Great Britain.



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