Amadeus Film

The history of the great composers Mozart and Salieri was doomed to be filled with false versions. Miloš Forman created one more fascinating interpretation of this legend. This dismal as well as fascinating film touches every side of human relations – jealousy, hate, carelessness, debauchery, and even a bit of mysticism. After watching this movie all cinemagoers experience pity and contempt, admiration and disgust simultaneously. After watching Amadeus nobody remains indifferent. At first glance it is a quite simple story told by Antonio Salieri; a story of hatred, jealousy, and secret admiration for the genius of Mozart. However, the key idea of a film is much deeper. It hides in the divine origin of human talents as well as the mysterious peculiarities of the human soul.

Canby stated: “Having been shot entirely in and around Prague - which stands in for Emperor Joseph II's Vienna - the movie looks wonderfully authentic.” (The Screen “Amadeus” directed by Forman) Tom Hulce portrayed great Mozart brilliantly. He gave the image of genius some infantilism. Murray Abraham even won Oscar for his true depiction of the composer Salieri.

No wonder,Abraham and Hulce is one of the most intriguing duets in a world cinematograph. The villain and the genius seem to have been born for each other.

One more advantage of this movie is its sound. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri both composed enthralling music. However, Salieri must take paints for creating something worth admiring, while Mozart produces genuine masterpieces without exerting himself. Music confirms the main idea of the movie; it assumes the role of the divine gift.

In conclusion, it should be said that the film Amadeus touches a huge number of problems. Where and what is the nature of genius? Is it a reward for hard work random or just combination of genes? Is this a creative state of mind or, maybe, just a happy coincidence? Is the nature of genius is anguish which burns the soul or a light-emitting gift from heaven? Where is the creativity of human ends? Where does God’s magic of begin? Miloš Forman allows the audience to answer these questions itself.



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