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Private Car VS. Public Bus

Compare and Contrast Essay

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Sooner or later, all the people in this world are to use some transport means as it is impossible to live without transportation. The majority of people have to go to work, visit relatives who live far from them, transfer their children to school and so on. Thus, each person has to choose how to reach the destination – whether to take a public bus or to drive a private car. It is true that buses and cars are the most common means of transportation, and people choose them because of many factors. Both cars and buses have their advantages and disadvantages, which may be considered in the light of three factors, namely comfort and coziness, impact of the environment, and expensiveness. They help to compare and contrast bus and car in greater detail.

Comfortableness is the aspect that is very important for people, and it is definitely the advantage of the car. Many people buy their own cars as it is cozier and more comfortable than a stuffy and overfull buses. In the car, its owner is alone or with people he wants to be, and there are no people chattering, coughing, and gazing at him. Besides, he can listen to his favorite music as loud as he wants without thinking about other people’s likings and music tastes. If there is a need, he can make as many telephone calls as he wants; while in the bus, all the strangers listen to every word he says. What is more, car drivers do not have to catch the car or to wait for it. From this point of view, it goes without saying that car is better than the public bus.

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The second point for contrasting and comparison is the impact on the environment. We cannot but agree that public vehicles are friendlier to it than the cars. So, if a person does not want to do more harm to the environment, he should leave the car in the garage and take the bus. In fact, the bus may be quicker and cheaper; besides, in a bus, there are more places to sit than in a car. Let us imagine that there are no buses, and all the people drive their own cars. In such a situation, there would be very inconvenient traffic jam, increase in exhaust fumes as well as the increase in transport on the roads. Therefore, the usage of buses decreases the emission of exhaust fumes. Nevertheless, more and more people refuse to use bus and go by their own cars.

One more aspect to be considered is cost. Some people want to go by car, because they think that it will be cheaper for them to use it instead of everyday bus taking. In reality, having the car means congestion charges, tax costs, car insurance, petrol and so on. As the bus holds and transports more people at the same time, it costs cheaper. That is why this vehicle is used by the majority of personnel, staff, and students.

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Summing it up, we can say that the car is more comfortable and cozy vehicle than the bus, and this is the main factor that influences people’s decisions to buy it. In contrast to public buses, cars should not be chosen because of a number of reasons. Cars are less friendly to the environment and are more expensive for their owners. In fact, it is up to a person what means of transport to choose but before making such a choice, all the pros and cons are to be thought over.

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