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On the Waterfront

On the Waterfront commences by introducing a distinguished group of corrupt small racketeers that always run the many docks of Hoboken, in New Jersey, passing across the rivers from famous Manhattan. Terry Malloy is an inarticulate and former prizefighter who was in his late age of the twenties. He comes out as a petty and renowned errand young man for their union head, known as Johnny Friendly. This Friendly’s gang always used Malloy as the main decoy that drew fellow longshoreman emerging as Joey Doyle, who was forced out of his large apartment and leveled onto its roof. Another character, Doyle is always planning to size his way through the enormous bullied workers’ doctrine and policy of vehemently remaining as “deaf and dumb”. This was evident as he testified before the feared Waterfront Crime Investigation and Commission on the following day on accounts of corrupt methods applied by the union bosses. These bosses extorted money and also labor from those considered as working-class longshoremen. Doyle is pushed off the roof by the gangsters, making him meet his death, a situation that implicated Malloy in that murder as a sought out accomplice. This film denotes the essence of always looking at the real values as separate from the false ones, a notion advocated by most of the characters (Alleman 10).

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Terry Malloy always obeys the moral authority set before him throughout the film. He chooses to inform on all the corrupt officials of the union. This is a value that is cherished in all parts of this world; it is a real value and should be upheld in all instances. He makes the morally correct and valued decision. Those characters that support his idea include a famous Catholic priest and also a kind-hearted trainee in the teaching profession (Alleman 10).These endorsements that he receives make the audience’s sympathy lie more on one side than others in the case. The vicious doubt and also derision that exists about his prominent choice always affects Terry and many of his friendships eminent throughout this film. However, when it comes to the closing scene, these feelings are changed profoundly. Their entire crew that is at work is seen following Terry who is bleeding, back to the place of work. They end up leaving Johnny Friendly in a devastating state which indicates that they had decided to follow a new leader. Societies always have these occasions and people decide to base on the policies that exist. They also base on the people who have their interests at heart. This group action dearly confirms the fact that it was their wish and calling to have Terry doing the acts he undertook.  All of the evident previous discord is seen to merely generate eminent suspense until the famous mass action comes to play out.

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This choice that Terry makes can be viewed as echoing the choice that Budd Schulberg and renowned Elia Kazan also made on informing before the HUAC eminent on the former communists. However, Terry achieves the desired results that appear as far less morally and ambiguous than those results the famous Kazan and Schulberg were out to achieve. Kazan and Schulberg, as evident, effectively went out to blacklist for many decades many of their works that were deemed creative, extremely intelligent, and also politically active among many peers. The only loser, apparent in the film, from Terry’s famous decision is the character Johnny Friendly. The latter deserves what is befell him as he always bullies people mercilessly. This reflects on Kazan’s testimony that allowed him to keep on pursuing a career without being disturbed or interrupted. However, many of the films directed by him, which came after this one, deal with similar themes as these evident in On the Waterfront. This suggests that the decision he took on HUAC kept on haunting him, even on his creative realm, eminent in several decades. These recurring themes could also mean that Kazan was out to continually exhibit the rights of every person’s conscience eminent over those of mobs or even governmental authorities. The film comes to a conclusion with Terry emerging as a hero celebrated and emulated by many. His act of informing has elevated him in people’s eyes, which make him proud of the decision he took. It is necessary that people observe the values that are beneficial to them, and avoid traits of people such as Johnny Friendly. Kazan, as a renowned person, though he has been known to achieve successful career, has never fully been embraced by the Hollywood trinity. His own decision in informing on that case stranded him in all moral ambiguous territory (Alleman 11).

Edie and also Father Barry are the two main characters who are out to help Terry clearly figure things out, are seen to have faith in intangible things. Edie keeps on maintaining faith in the belief that people should care about others well-being of others and should always do the right things. Father Barry also maintains faith in the fact that acting as God’s representative can make one change his or her mind about doing the right thing. They end up basing their actions on beliefs that exist, and that film always validates values that people need to have on living by given principles. Essentially, the character Terry is seen to redeem himself by always justifying their renowned faith. The other characters, evident in On the Waterfront, never exhibit faith like the former characters which results in varying distinct dichotomy. The likes of Father Barry and also Edie are seen to have faith as evident in many concepts coming out as completely invisible. The other side of the film has corrupt officers of the union, who exhibit faith in a lot of money and also power, bring about acquisitions that are quantifiable and measurable. Even though the delineation of many good versus evil is seen to threaten and is overly transparent, the apparent ways that this faith changes the character Terry and always forces Charlie and others to face other and his moral wavering that bring new depth and also texture (Alleman 10).

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The film, On the Waterfront, centered on many themes, comes out clearly to explain the necessity of separating real values from false ones. The society has no place for people who are not ready to adopt new policies and make decisions on their own. People should not hide their views and feelings on vices that are experienced in the world. They should come out and inform on those corrupt leaders, as Terry did. That is the only solution for an amicable and hospitable society. 

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