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Photograph Analysis

For this task, I chose a photograph of a sunlit beach, surprised in a most wonderful moment when the sun is hiding behind a lonely cloud. The photo is an image of complete serenity, as it shows an empty beach on a sunny day; the sea is calm and the palms are solemnly watching over the immensity of the water. The symmetry of the photo is astonishing, as it manages to catch all the elements of a typical, yet wonderful corner of nature. For example, the drifting margins of the cloud look like they are trying to reach the palms on the beach, while the small waves that hit the sand formed tracks very similar to those in the water.

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The water is the dominant entity of the photo, sticking the viewer with its vastness and peacefulness. This offers a relaxing feeling when looking at the photo, as one can only imagine oneself lying on that beach, enjoying the tranquility and listening to the soft sound of the small waves hitting the shore. Moreover, the shy sun that hides behind the lonely cloud is perfectly photographed in the background, creating an even more peaceful environment that invited the viewer towards dream and sleep.

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The grandeur of the photograph is also strengthened by the lost log in the background, as it can be seen in the water, being caressed by the calm waves. Along with the image of the deserted beach, the image of this log impregnates the photo with an even stronger feeling of loneliness, quietness and stillness. The rows of palms, moving quietly as the breeze is blowing gently through their leaves, suggest to any reader the sound of the wind going through the palms, the smell of salty water and sand as well as the seagulls flying and crying.

What catches the eye of the viewer is the homogeneity between the colors of the photograph, as the blue of the sky complements with the gold shades of the sand and the dark green of the majestic palms. This contrast is added to the rays of sun that peer from behind the dense cloud, found in the background, almost trying to reach towards the beach and offer their warmth to the world. In addition, the lines and shapes in the photograph are to be noted. With a clear intention of unity, the lines of the sea have a beautiful continuity in the lines on the sand, which were obviously created by the waves that have passed over the dry sand.

Without a doubt, the entire picture is a resting place for the eye. There are more than one emphasis points which can be centers of interest, and they are the sea, the dense cloud in the sky and the lonely log in the water. Probably the best emphasis is carried by the log in the water as it is positioned almost in the center of the photograph, as if its creator had meant for the viewer to gaze upon it.

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In conclusion it should be mentioned, that this photograph is an overwhelming description of calamity, loneliness and relaxation. It clearly invites the viewer to enjoy a day on a sunny beach, leaving any worry and problem aside and making use of the moments spend in a corner of heaven such as this one. The sea and the trees offer a real sensation, as one might feel besieged with the hypnotically wonderful liberty of nature. While looking at it, the photograph gives a strong serene feeling, making me want to stop whatever I am doing and depart towards a destination, similar to the one described in it, and to enjoy the miracles of nature.

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