Assessment and Analysis

In accordance to Standards of Nursing Conduct or Practice (2009) it can be stated that "The registered nurse initiates data collection and analysis that includes pertinent objective and subjective data regarding the health status of the clients" (p.1). According to this approach the nurse can collect information from various physicians involved with a particular patient and consolidate this and at the same time if there are questions regarding the patient and it is difficult to go to the physicians again and again the nurse can accumulate all the necessary questions and email it to the concerned physicians or message them. According to Cowden (2011) nurse can also have hands on information on the patient such that he/she can provide objective data to the team members whenever it is needed at the time of decision making. If the nurse in-charge of the patient is present at all rounds with the physicians and the team members then he/she can address the issues of the patient with them and can also participate in the care plan for the patients such that every member of the team is on the same page (p.467). Lot of such require the nurse to convey or collect information or follow up with the other departments, therefore the nurse is the string or the facilitator that binds the team and the patient together. Nurse is also the one who has all the information of the patient along with the data. The nurse is even aware of the mental needs of the patient as such nurse has a crucial role to play in the care plan for the patient.

According to Milisen (2008) there are basically two ways a nurse can take an active, contributing position within an interdisciplinary team. The active contributory role that a nurse can play within an interdisciplinary group is that of information provider and a co-coordinator. Information, that too accurate and timely is crucial for an interdisciplinary team. The team members of an interdisciplinary team would entails different health care professionals, counselors. Physicians and others in charge of the patient as such all of them cannot be expected to concentrate on jotting down all figures and numbers and exchange notes all the time although it is necessary for them to access such information. Here is where the Nurse has an important role to play.

As mentioned above the nurse in charge of the patient has the patient’s history with the diagnosis to his/her problems, the medications or the treatment he/she has undergone previously (if at all) and the nurse also has information on the patient’s current physical and mental health, details such as the patient’s weight, patient’s time to time health concerns, the remedies suggested, the current treatment, etc. All kinds of information the nurse has access too as such the nurse can be present in all the meetings and the rounds that the team members and physicians take of the patient and here the nurse can consolidate information, take a note of the change in plan or treatment if any; the nurse can also accumulate all the necessary information that is required of the team members or the physicians for the patient’s health care. All of this the nurse can collate and email to all the people concerned.



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