Oates and O'Connor

1. Joyce Carol Oates describes herself as a person “who did not go to college, didn't even finish high school. People who one might call ordinary Americans who are very hardworking" (Joyce, 2012). She is like an ordinary American girl from New York but with a great talent stressed by several awards and more than 50 novels written for a reader. In her works Joyce uses  common language that is understandable for readers of different backgrounds. She keeps the stories simple. Therefore, the author can describe a variety of aspects and use context even in short stories. She also possesses great sense of person’s and human feelings. “I've always been so interested in personal history” – said Joyce Carol Oates (Joyce, 2012). The author makes the readers  identify her with the main character - Connie. Therefore, she creates masterpieces giving a good lesson to other writers, where each word works for her.

2. Joyce Carol Oates’ works contain the characteristics of naturalism. In authors’ novels people’ passions and wills are depicted to demonstrate the reality. In Carol’s works the readers can find direct description of Connie's feelings/emotions that transmit the understanding of the happening and create an unsentimental perception of the work. Oates seems to be an idealist since she describes characters, people and feelings without any exaggeration giving a full picture to the reader and wide space for consequences. Such opinion is proven by Oates’ quotation: ”It might be considered somewhat harsh and Darwinistic. At the same time mediated, as in Darwin, by a real idealism and an excitement about the possibilities of the intellect and imagination to deal with this world” (Joyce, 2012).

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4. O’Connor is not a racist. She is naturalist and clearly demonstrates that in her works. Similarly to an observer, the writer clearly illustrates the story to the readers. Moreover, the usage of the word “racism” does not mean being racist. Objectivity is an important characteristic in this case. Moreover, both Oates and O’Connor use irony that is another important characteristic of their works. Irony as a tool helps them to stress some important parts of the work or thoughts of the characters as well as their perception of the situations. There was irony while depicted Connie who tries so hard to seem sophisticated, it was visible with Tiffany who discovered the Misfit's insightfulness. Generally, the authors use more situational irony. At the same time, O’Connor’s 8 Writing Tips are very democratic. They persuade that no rules are good for writing. The writers do not have to use colloquial words. They do not need to pay too much attention to their language. These writing tips could be easily integrated in O’Connor’s writing style to emphasize with naturalism.3. "A Good Man Is Hard to Find" has an unusual plot and an unexpected ending. It gives the readers opportunity to see different approaches to life, different attitudes and ways of perceiving  them. The writer describes younger generation with their beliefs and lives. Additionally, she portrays an old grandmother who is the role model of wisdom, experience and love to life. Flannery O'Connor's describes a different surroundings and places in his works. She uses variety of peoples’ talks that make a reader  understand the point. O'Connor and Joyce Carol Oates’ characters have  differences. Carol is good in expressing emotions of the characters or at least their thoughts. Controversially, it is not common O'Connor’s writing style. There are no sentiments in O'Connor’s works. Both of the writers are representatives of naturalism with their special features that can be called as their distinctive writing style.

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