Annotated Bibliography Animal Cloning

Edwards, J. L., Schrick F.N, McCracken M.D., Van Amstel S.R. (2003): "Cloning Adult Farm Animals: A Review of the Possibilities and Problems Associated with Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer." American Journal of Reproductive Immunology vol. 50.2 pp. 113-23.

The article is useful primarily for those, who breed agricultural animals. The main objective of the article is to inform the farmers about the positive and the negative features of the cloning of agricultural animals. The fact that it is possible to breed the animals capable of coping with the problems which are nowadays insuperable for the domestic animals is heavily disputed by the authors. The prospective negative repercussions are raised in the study.

Fiester, A. (2005) "Ethical Issues in Animal Cloning." Perspectives in Biology and Medicine vol.48.3 pp .328-43

The research conducted by the prominent professor of zoology Fiester reflects his personal observations upon the ethical issues in animal cloning. In his book “Ethical Issues in Animal Cloning” the author deliberately accentuates the international experience and his personal attitude to this considerably objectionable issue of zoology. The author purposefully highlights positive and negative features of the animal cloning in terms of moral values of the society. The author does not dispute the fact that the animals can be cloned, he questions the statement that they should be cloned.

Gerdes, L.(2006) Cloning. Farmington Hills, MI: Greenhaven.

This book serves as one of the primary sources for the profound scientific research. The book addresses basic aspects of cloning, in particular major approaches that are followed by the participants of the cloning process. The author covers economic aspects of the dilemma, discoursing whether it is economically justified cloning animals or this policy shall be abandoned eternally. Another section of the study is dedicated to the moral issues of cloning. In particular, the author questions the possibility of cloning from the moral positions. It is doubted by professor Gerdes that the rights of the animals will be fully observed, if the policy of massive cloning will be initiated. In particular, the author stresses the issues pertaining to cloning of the domestic animals. It is doubted that if the possibility to replicate the demised pets is available to the pet owners, these owner will express the same care as they express nowadays.

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Langwith, J. (2012). Cloning. Detroit: Greenhaven/Gale Cengage Learning.

The book focuses on the general issues concerning cloning while providing a detailed historical introduction to this aspect of science. The author provides an informative insight into the peculiarities of the animal cloning in different jurisdictions around the globe. Besides, various legal opinions are expressed in the book. The author is not firmly convinced that the contemporary society is ready to accept the policy of massive cloning, as it is projected by the leading scientific luminaries nowadays. What makes this book distinguishable in a substantial degree from the rest of the reviewed sources is the fact that namely this book addresses religious issues in cloning. No other book accentuated the fact that probably the animals were created by the Lord and it is solely his prerogative to model the animals, as well as humans.

Roleff, T. L. 2006 Cloning. Detroit, MI: Greenhaven,.

This source book addresses purely scientific points of the cloning. Common approaches are being extensively discussed by the author and the accent is made on the issue whether the policy of massive cloning will become available in the nearest future. Scientific probabilities are carefully weighted by the author and certain anticipations are made. Although neither the religious aspect, nor the moral one are raised, the revelation of the contemporary dominating scientific approaches is detailed and may serve as a primary source for any scientific study.

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