Facebook Review

Facebook is a social site that provides networking services to millions of people and was initiated in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg together with his roommates at Harvard University. Facebook Inc. owns and operates the site. The website’s name is Facebook, and its URL is www.facebook.com. The site has more than one billion regular users whereby half of them access the site through mobile devices (Sutherland, 2011).  This essay reviews Facebook website.

In order for users to access the site, the first requirement is to register by supplying some personal information which includes the name of the individual, as well as contact address. In addition, one should also create a personal profile that provides information regarding one’s level of education, place of work, religion, as well personal likes and dislikes (Harvell, 2012).

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Once one is a registered user, the site allows networking by adding of friends who are also users. These friends can therefore chat by commenting on each other’s status, as well as exchanging of messages either privately or publicly. Furthermore, users can join groups in which the members share a common interest. These groups are organized by either schools or colleges, workplaces or any other characteristic (Kirkpatrick, 2010).

Other Facebook features include the privacy settings that enable the users to allay any concerns they have about privacy. Consequently, users can select their personal settings and determine who views certain sections of their profiles. Users access the site free of charge, but the website earns revenue from making advertisements such as, banner ads. Moreover, Facebook requires users to submit their names and profile pictures if applicable so that everyone can access them. Nevertheless, users can also determine who finds them in searches by making changes in their privacy settings (Sutherland, 2011).

The other aspect of the website is the News Feed which appears on the homepage of every user. It highlights information regarding profile changes, birthdays and upcoming events. However, some users and spammers manipulate this feature by establishing illegal events as well as posting of fake birthdays so as to draw attention to their profiles (Harvell, 2012).

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The website has a photos application feature which gives users the opportunity to upload an unrestricted number of photos and albums. Furthermore, the users can also limit the groups of users who can view their photos and albums. Users can also label or tag other users who appear in photos and for users who get tagged, they immediately receive a notification informing them of the tag, and a link is also provided to enable them view the photo (Kirkpatrick, 2010). 

The website also allows users to make voice calls through the Facebook chat feature. This feature is very helpful since it allows users across the world to chat lively. In addition, the site has a video calling feature which permits calling on a one-to-one basis by use of Skype (Sutherland, 2011).

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In my opinion, Facebook has brought tremendous change in the circles of social networking. It has created a global system of social connection that allows exchange of ideas and information. Strong relationships have also developed as a result of this website’s services. Moreover, businesses have also thrived through advertisements and transactions made through Facebook. On the other hand, there is also the negative impact that the site has created especially on the young people who are under 13 years since they also have access to the site through their friends and family members who are registered users. These young people get completely carried away with the thrill of making many new friends, sharing of ideas and photos as well as chatting. This consumes a lot of their time which would be spent on other productive activities such as, concentrating on school work. In addition, Facebook has also led to moral degradation since young people get exposed to adult stuff because there is no control of what users update, or which photos to upload. Consequently, I recommend that the site should not be accessed by children and that students should also regulate the amount of time they spend on the website. Furthermore, adults should ensure this is possible by offering the appropriate guidance.

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