Public leader analysis

Today I would like to talk about 44th President of the United States Barack Obama, his leadership styles and image as a public leader.

Americans call the new president "the most spirited orator of his generation." In fact, Barack Obama talks in a very emotional way, with a huge positive message to the audience. His speech can ignite even the coldest audience. Obama was able to charm even politicians, businessmen and journalists, people who due to their profession are used to treat everything with suspicion and scepticism.

Talking about appearance, it can be argued that Obama, like John F. Kennedy, won the election thanks to his handsomeness and natural charisma. In addition, Obama has a perfect age for the political leader: he is not very young, but not too old. Such a "golden mean" between the relative youth and old age many Americans associate with energy, assertiveness, confidence and vitality. Therefore, Barack Obama, using his aggressiveness in speeches and emotional techniques, is very popular among ordinary Americans. Many Americans draw attention to a smiling Obama, noting that even the famous smile of John F. Kennedy was not so attractive. Indeed, open, kind smile creates a positive attitude towards him.

On many photos Barack Obama is depicted standing before a huge crowd with a raised hand. These photos give the impression of a strong, confident leader, who can manage the crowd. He shows up as an idol, worshiped by the crowd, followed by the people.

"These elections have shown that the U.S. is still a country where any, even the most incredible dream can be accomplished. We proved to the world that we are not just a set of "red" and "blue" states, not just a collection of individual, we are the United States of America. At this important time change has came to our country, "- says the 44th U.S. president. Memories of people who attended the Obama’s speech, - says Sofia Vargan in her article are almost identical with the memories of those who listened to Hitler in 1933: the same desire to follow a leader anywhere, the same uncritical acceptance of all that has been said by a leader, extraordinary charm that captures from the very first words, from the first glance.

There are no specifics in his speech; everything is built on common phrases and charisma. Indeed, in the speeches of Barack Obama's there are a lot of common phrases, emotional slogans and appeals. For example: "If you're going the right way and will continue to go on it, then, in the end, you will be successful" - a common phrase that has no deep meaning and has no regard to the politics, but if it is said in a special tone it deserves the status of the aphorism.

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None of Obama's speech was given a concrete program of action, a specific development project or a plan to overcome the crisis, but Obama is greatest orator since Kennedy. Speeches of Barack Obama are built on promises and phrases that people want to hear, and it certainly effectively influences the mass consciousness. Obama promises to lead his people to a better future, to restore the "American dream", to make education more affordable, provide people with accommodation and support the middle class.

In his speeches, Obama talks a lot about himself: "I do not think I am special, for example, in my love of the mother, the love of my grandparents," "The fact that my father is black as pitch, and my mother is white as milk, virtually has had no impact on my mind". He admits such errors of his youth, as the use of alcohol and drugs: "I am a person who lives a normal life, and it happens that I sometimes make mistakes." Sharing with people his personal experiences, Obama disposes to himself, he makes clear that he is an ordinary man, the same as everyone, and it attracts people. The president calls himself a professional family man with experience and speaks about his family - his wife and two daughters with genuine enthusiasm: "It is wonderful to live in a house with three women!"

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On the historical background Obama was the most successful candidate for the presidency, who break down stereotypes and glorified the legendary "American dream." He became the embodiment of free and democratic America, which was important for so many Americans. In this regard, we can say that Obama turned up at the right time in the right place, and certainly in a lucky historical context for him.

Obama has not only talent and strong nerves. He has the good fortune. He won the award in the same year, when the position of the Democrats has significantly improved. His presidential elections took place during the crisis, the financial collapse of many large enterprises, the total lack of confidence in the incumbent president, disappointment in the policies of the Republicans.

Considering the context of image measurement, social surrounding of the leader should be taken into account. Family stays on the first place in the environment of Barack Obama. The secret of Obama's charm is that he comes across as the latest model of the modern man: quiet and inclined to compromise. He reads 'Harry Potter' to his daughters before they go to sleep and takes out the garbage. He became a sympathetic voter due to his non-standard-equal marriage built on love and understanding with strong woman.

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Barack Obama knows how to listen to people, provide the most valuable from anything that they are requesting and take responsibility for answering their needs. He builds trusting relationship with his people, based on mutual respect and a focus on practical actions.

The coming of a new head of state to power was accompanied by fundamental changes in internal and foreign policy. Small presidential term of Obama has already shown differences from the so-called doctrine declared by Bush, which allows defining Obama's foreign policy as a more tolerant and peaceful.

From the first day the new president came to power, he has faced with the problem of restoring the former U.S. influence in the world which demanded immediate solution. It was necessary to radically change the priorities in USA foreign policy. First, replacing the powerful pressure that was widely used by the previous administration, Barack Obama proposed his own strategy. At present it is too early to draw conclusions on the results of the course of new Washington administration, but one thing is clear: the 44th President of the United States is determined to strengthen the position of his country in the world and return it to the status of a leader, but using the means which are different from his predecessor. On October 9, 2009 Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize "for extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people."

Overall, Obama can be defined as a transformational leader as he has set new standards in his foreign policy, demonstrated how to listen and hear, successfully resolve even the most difficult problems.

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