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Apple Inc. leadership structure

Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation which design, develop and sell computer software, consumer electronics and personal computers. The structure of the company is as follows: the Board of Directors who directs the senior management and a chief executive officer (CEO) in ethical and competent operation of day to day activities of Apple Inc. who assure that shareholder’s interests are served in the long-run. The executive office comprises of CEO and nine vice presidents, each responsible for a specific area of duty. Tim Hooks is currently the CEO of the organization. Apple Inc. is an organization with a complex leadership structure. Being the third largest technology company globally by revenue, leadership position is quite demanding thus it confirms the fact that Tim Cook is an exemplary leader. Cook is best known for visionary leadership borrowing from his predecessor Steve Jobs. Apple Inc. is an organization with a structure giving utmost priority to Visionary leadership. This comes with the need to gain competitive advantage and meet the ever changing consumers’ tastes and preferences especially in such products as mobiles phones and personal computers (Gil & William, 1999).

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For Cook, in line with organization’s philosophy, product integrity, vision and brand will stay to be one and the same. Since Cook ascended to the executive managerial position, he has fostered his vision for the company by developing a effective and efficient supply chain that since 2007-2010 has been ranked as the best globally. Besides, Cook has successfully led the company through the visionary leadership style to ensure that the company continue to maintain procurement, manufacturing and logistics that enable it to execute massive launch of products towards maintaining large profit-sapping inventories. For instance, Cook’s catchphrase well characterized his focus in the operational edge of the company and this is; “Nobody wants to buy sour milk”.

Change in leadership Structure

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If the leadership structure changes to one similar to Wal-Mart that is; a humble service whereby even the board members need to interact with customers and create a team to pay attention to critics, feedback and opinions, Tom Cook’s leadership would even be more effective. This is because the humble service would enable him to develop great vision out of what consumers want (Brown, 2009).

Humble service leadership style works best in retail leadership structure. This is because retailers interact with customers one on one hence they are able to determine the faults, strong points and market trend. Besides, it becomes even more effective when the organizational leaders are able to be a part of the team interacting with customers in a number of occasions. Humble service is least effective in manufacturing firms. It is for this reason that Apple Inc. may take a longer time to change their leadership structure to foster humble service. Manufacturing firms may face a number of set backs because they entirely rely on feedback from retailers and wholesalers. Additionally, humble service can not be applied in military leadership where there is a chain of command, government leadership, and education institutions.

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In order for visionary leadership and humble service leadership to transpire simultaneously in any organizations, a flexible leadership structure has to be in place. For instance, in Apple Inc. it would be imperative for the organization to incorporate retail outlets in their supply chain falling under company’s leadership jurisdiction. This implies that the duo can be intertwined when juniors can freely interact with the vision bearer such as allocating a leadership position for the manager in charge of employee or customer’s welfare in the executive board responsible for decision making (Isaksen, 2007). Therefore, vision and humility in leadership can work jointly to enhance the informative decision making by prioritizing relations and feedback in keeping up the vision of the organization.

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