Education is very important for the proper and regular growth of any and every individual. One can also define it as the backbone of any and every individual. It plays an important role in the development of educational as well as extracurricular knowledge in an individual. Education now days has become research based and this is the only reason behind new and new inventions coming up every day as research is being conducted every day in almost every part of the world. Whether it is school level education, college level education or university level education one will find research being conducted everywhere and this is done to make an individual used to the current scenario of the world. In every education school or college assignments are being provided in the form of research essays, articles, term papers etc in order to make the child adapt everything permanently what so ever he/she has learnt during the classroom program.

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Some of the students are able to do all their assignments on their own because of well developed technical as well as creative skills in them but most of the students fail to do such assignments on their own because they do not have so well developed skills and complete knowledge of the subject. Moreover to conduct a research is not an easy thing neither it is in everyone’s reach. Time management is the biggest problem as a research consumes a lot of time and an individual has to manage so many other things as well.

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