Writing an article can turn out to be extremely difficult. It needs creativity on your part to make a point. Since a writer is supposed to analyze works of others, you can effectively write only in the field of your expertise. The availability of numerous formatting styles makes the process of citing the sources used time-consuming. Therefore, only very skilful writers are capable of writing research papers for money with no plagiarism within a limited period of time. The writing process can be divided into the following six stages:

  1. Choose a subject. If it is not given, identify it in the field of your knowledge. Care should be taken regarding access to the needed literature and data.
  2. Grab as much information about your subject as possible from sources that are at your disposal.
  3. Browse identified literature to find needed facts. In this case, various indexes could be extremely helpful.
  4. Decide on the focus of your essay. It should be a provable judgment on your subject.
  5. Compose an essay. Each thought in your writing should support the chosen judgment. Care should be taken regarding proper citation.
  6. Check grammar, your style, and formatting. It should be done several times.
    • Adhere to the subject of your essay.
    • Some typos in your writing can be identified by reading it aloud or by asking your acquaintance to proofread the stuff.
  • Use only reliable sources in your research papers. Many instructors deduct points for referencing sources that are not trustworthy.
  • Assume no plagiarism in your essay. There are a big number of students that were not able to complete their academic programs due to allegations concerning presenting borrowed ideas and data without proper citation.

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