Most online custom essay services entice students to buy cheap price essay writing but offer no other type of essay help at all. The reason for this is that the writing service has no real writers, researchers, or editors on staff to actually produce customized assistance to students. The “writers” are actually students in foreign countries who work for low pay and copy and paste material from existing essays and papers to “produce” one that a new customer may have ordered. This unethical behavior is rather common among cheap price online essay companies, and it would be wise for students to carefully study the content on any writing service site before paying good money.

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When students come to for essay service, they will immediately see that we are fully transparent and quite comprehensive in our array of essay help. Students will see that, when they order any type of writing assistance from us, they will receive a personal expert to complete whatever the project entails. This expert will hold an appropriate degree to complete the project and will be available to the customer at any time, to provide updates, to receive information and to answer questions. 

Because has professionals on staff, we are able to offer a wide variety of essay service assistance. In addition to producing original academic writing works of any type, we are willing to provide help with any part of a major or complex work (e.g., literature reviews for a thesis or dissertation, statistical analyses of research projects/studies, formatting), essay editing of works that students have already produced themselves, professional proposals and presentations, and university and professional school admissions essays. Students cannot buy essay services of these types from most services, because they do not have the professional personnel on staff to perform these acts.

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We are especially proud of our essay editing service and have developed an entire department of professional editors to provide stellar essay editing for any type of academic or professional writing product. Our editing process is comprehensive and involves a full review of the structure, coherency, and fluency of a work, the grammatical structure, the accuracy of referencing citations and format, and the appropriateness of resources used. For complex and major works, there will be a team of editors, one of which will be a content-field expert. Once the review is complete, there will be specific suggestions for changes, and the client is free to accept or reject them. We have found, however, that the use of our essay editing service has provided invaluable improvement to clients’ works.

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Stay Connected provides essay service for students from high school through graduate and professional programs, with subject-field experts who are exceptionally qualified. Whatever you need, you will find here. Certainly students can choose to buy essay service from less reputable agencies at cheaper prices. Unfortunately, they will have wasted their money.


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