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SupremeEssays.com is the best proofreading service mainly targeting professors, lecturers, students in postdoctoral studies and conducting research, as well as business customers. We aim at meeting the expanding demand from people in academia and business circles. We are providers of professional proofreading, editing and formatting services for those students that are interested in purchasing PhD theses, dissertations, conference and journal papers, books, and essays. We also write such professional documents as research proposals in various fields like in the pure sciences, social sciences and humanities. We offer competitive prices at a fixed rate per 300 words. The price is not the same for all kinds of work. It depends on the number of pages, academic level, type, and the deadline.

Many senior academics have used our reliable editing and formatting services. All of their works which have been proofread by our meticulous editors and proofreaders were accepted for publication. Repeatedly, clients contact us to proofread their work after rejection by publishers. Normally, that work had many errors in terms of spelling and grammar. The majority of such works had easily satisfied the publishers’ requirements after using our proofreading service.

We proofread your document while the “track changes” function is active. This function allows you to easily track the movement between the changes. The user can accept or reject the changes made by the proofreader. You will find the modifications made on the right hand margin, and you will be able to easily accept them into your document.

Our proofreading service offers considerable assistance in editing LaTeX documents. Besides, we can also show the changes done by the editor in a PDF document. We can highlight any of the change made in the text.

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Our company boosts a wide range of academic proofreaders who are professionals in various fields. We are thorough when hiring specialists and get only the top performers. We do not rely on faceless contract readers. Our credo is hiring native English speakers who have qualifications of at least a Master’s degree. They also must have vast experience in university teaching.

In addition to the qualifications and experience, our custom proofreaders undergo a tough entry assessment. The company constantly estimates their work to take a note of any low quality instances. We have the advantage of hiring fully approved and trusted proofreaders. Rest assured that when you make use of our services, you will receive the best essay proofread by a team of highly experienced editors. Among all other online companies, none of them offers such quality proofreading service like ours. We guarantee you top quality services and 100% satisfaction. Besides, if you have any complaints regarding our services, we will refund all your money or proofread your document again free of charge.

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All the information that you give us will remain confidential and we will never use it for any other purpose. Besides, our IT department uses the latest security devices, including protecting your documents through encryption.

Our proofreaders will even offer annotated bibliography writing, if you ask for one. Annotated bibliography writing requires extensive expertise and thoroughness, traits that our proofreaders own. Besides, our custom services come at cheap prices as compared with others in the online market. When you buy editing services from us, you will receive top scoring essays at affordable prices. We do not only indulge in excellent editing services, but in its high quality, too.


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