There are different challenges that students in high schools, colleges and universities face on a daily basis. These challenges have forced these students to look for alternative approach to completing their essays, research papers, dissertations, thesis, etc. One of these approaches is purchasing of essays online from academic writing companies. This is whereby students place orders on how their essays should be done and then pay using online payment systems. There are different academic writing companies that provide these writing services to students. Among them is

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There are diverse payment methods that can be used to purchase essays from These include the use of all major credit cards that are available currently on the market. However, for expediency, there are two main methods that can be used to pay for these essays. These are and PayPal. They are the most convenient methods of paying for services that are offered to students by

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What does this imply to you as customer? While the internet has been a great channel of business transactions, it has challenges where one’s bank information could be stolen and used in a fraudulent way. Therefore, as a customer, these methods of payment for writing services have been ascertained to be safe and secure for any services that is paid online. As a result, the customer is assured 100% that his/her information is safe. Similarly, there is an assurance that the customer will be able to receive the paid for services. It must be recognized that both PayPal and are affiliated to Better Business Bureau and as a result have accumulated years of expertise in this industry. Similarly, these payment methods are flexible. has an excellent relationship with their clients. Thus, when one is buying online essays from, he/she is guaranteed to receive;


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