Due to the advancing education system everything is becoming advanced. You can simply take the example of increasing science and technology or the information technology sector. Has anyone ever given a thought to it or has anyone ever thought of the reason behind it? Well I would like to tell you that now our education system has become research based and since research leads to invention of new things hence new technologies are coming up almost every day.

       Students who are a part of any school or any college or any university as well get assignments which they have to do at home so that they can learn what so ever they have been taught during the classroom program. Most of the students are able to all their assignments on their own because of their abilities and special skills in them. Also their attention on the subjects throughout the classroom program gives them a privilege to do all their work on their own and on time. Many students fail to complete on their own and the reasons behind all this is non-seriousness during the classroom program and poor expression skills. But due to increasing competition in the academic life almost everyone wants to get best grades even if they are not doing their work on their own.

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