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Most Important Information Regarding Custom Essays

  • To understand how can provide custom essays of high quality and ease their academic burdens essays.
  • To learn how to avoid being ripped off or scammed by inferior third-world writing services selling cheap, inferior essays written by non-professionals.
  • To understand how our writing services are the perfect fit for English-speaking students seeking original and custom writing work.
  • To know that any work requiring research will receive careful, relevant and current research conducted by experts.
  • To understand the process steps used by in writing custom essays.
  • To know the differences between a regular order and urgent or premium orders.
  • To learn about our internet-based secure transactions system and our policy of confidentiality.
  • To understand fully the guarantees we provide each client with.


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We Deliver Exactly what You Need

  • The client receives an original, custom, and plagiarism-free work, and a detailed plagiarism report accompanies its delivery, if he/she orders this additional option.
  • The client provides all the important details of the order, including the level of complexity, the depth of research required, the citation format required, and any other salient specifications, including deadline. We provide pricing based upon the complexity of the project, and the client has options within that range, dependent upon personal financial situation. We will be completely honest with the client regarding what will be involved in producing the work.
  • The client will always be able to communicate with the writer directly and to monitor progress toward completion, requesting revisions as he/she desires (according to our revision policy).
  • We promise ease of payment, using PayPal, a secure and reliable method.
  • We deliver the product on time – no exceptions. You pay for custom, original work and you pay for a promise of delivery. You get exactly that.

Custom Essays – Scam Report

Thousands of American students have been ripped off or scammed by writing services coming out of third-world countries. Either the product is never delivered or it is so inferior that the student is unable to use it and has no recourse to obtain a refund. These sites are popping up on a daily basis, and much care should be taken to ensure that they are not used. At, you get an American company with degreed professional American writers.

Usually, these scammers will claim that they are U.S.-based, but a bit of good detective work proves them to be liars. First, they will be unable to give you a US telephone or fax number. They will deal only through email. This should be your first clue.

As you read the information on their sites, look for the style of writing. Even if they are able to speak English somewhat, there will be errors in sentence construction, subject-verb agreement, and, most often spelling. You do not want to use a writing service that cannot even prepare a website using correct English! If the website uses correct English, contact them through email and read their responses carefully. You will see a host of errors in their writing.

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American Sites Look Different

On truly American sites, you will find impeccable English used. This is because, as a writing service, professionals have designed the site. As well, these companies will provide customer service and other contact telephone and fax numbers. They will allow you to communicate directly with your writer.

Credit Card Payment – The Biggest Hurdle for Scammers

Credit card payments and PayPal payments are difficult for these scammers. This is because PayPal and most American financial institutions require that the receiver of funds have a legitimate bank account, so that payments can be tracked and disputed. Most of these scammers will require wire transfers or money orders, and this is an important clue. is a legitimate New York-based business with a bank account in the U.S. We have a verified PayPal account, so that our clients can rest assured that payments are secure and can be disputed.

Late Delivery – If at All!

Disreputable writing services will be late with delivery, and, once delivery has been made, the student usually finds that the paper is unusable in its present form, due to inferior English or, worse, plagiarism. At, you are guaranteed prompt delivery on the date you set. In fact, you will generally receive your work according to the deadline, so that you have ample time to review and request revisions (within 2 days after deadline expiration).

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Unconventional Approach to Custom Essays had been in the business of providing premier custom writing services for many years and is the leading custom academic writing service provider. We have had, to date, over 1.5 million satisfied clients who return to us consistently for additional assistance. When you order through, you are guaranteed a completely original, custom work, designed and constructed to your specifications and written in impeccable English. Further, you are guaranteed delivery according to your deadline or your money back.

If you are looking for the premier custom written essay writing service, then you have come to the right place. We do not compromise on quality, the credentials of our professional writers, or our world class customer service. Our reputation has been built by satisfied clients who recommend us to others and who return themselves.

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Custom Essays

As college students, our clients depend upon us for easing the overwhelming burden or academic writing. We ease that burden in the following ways:

  1. Once an order is placed, an individual writer is assigned to the work. This writer is a graduate-degreed professional in the specific subject area of the order, as well as an expert and experienced writer. Many of our writers are retired college and university professors themselves, and they know what premier academic writing of all types should be.
  2. You are given a personal account, by which you may contact your writer at any time and monitor the progress of your work.
  3. We have a rigorous editing and plagiarism-detection process, so that, when your work is delivered, you are guaranteed that it is original and perfectly written.
  4. All resource citation formats are available, dependent upon the client’s instructions. Any additional pieces, such as an abstract, are provided when requested.
  5. Our writers possess degrees in virtually every academic field, so we are able to offer academic writing in any program of study – whether that is in the arts, sciences or humanities. We have the perfect writer for each order.
  6. All research is conducted using the most up-to-date resource tools, and your writer will find and use only the most relevant and current resources.
  7. Our customer service center is open 24/7, 365 days a year to meet your needs and to respond to any question, issue or concern you may have.

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To place your order, simply click “order now.” You will be directed to provide all of the important details of your need, so that the correct writer can be immediately assigned to your work. Next, pay for your order. You may also communicate with our customer service department at any time, if you are experiencing any difficulty placing your order. We appreciate the opportunity to serve your writing needs. You will not be sorry you have found us, and we know that you will return again and again!


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