Essay writing may seem to be a boring assignment due to proper formatting, research work as well as perfectly implemented citation. Misspellings and grammar mistakes are not supposed to be present in any college essay. Our company understands that sometimes it is impossible for a student to follow such strict requirements that is why these vital assignments can seem to be overwhelming. Especially, if taking into consideration students’ busy life style which is full of other even more important priorities. has been established long time ago in order to give a helping hand to those who need professional custom made essays. Custom made essays are our passion. It is what our writers do best. We have a big team of writers who are ready to help you in writing custom papers independently on the level of difficulty and format style. Our service stands out among other online writing services by providing your custom papers according to the set deadline. No matter how short and demanding your deadline is.

The Difference between a Pre Written Essay or Pre Written Papers and Custom Essays or Custom Papers

There is a wide range of online writing companies who claim to produce pre written college essays for a very cheap price. Our advice is try to avoid such services, as it means that they are reusing already sold pre written college essays or pre written papers for who knows how many times. They simply change few headings, titles so that customers could not notice fraudulent actions they are involved in. This kind of situation happens all the time with naive students who are desperately trying to improve their grades at college, university or school. Although they simply fail their tests or exams after submitting copy pasted paper which they decided to buy online from unprofessional company for a cheap price. At, we provide excellent services. If you place an order at you will become assured that every paper you buy from us is written from scratch in strict accordance with your professor’s unique instructions and requirements by an experienced and highly qualified writer who is specialized in the required field. Our custom written essay papers are 100% guaranteed to be authentic work and not some kind of pre written essay, no matter how many times you order at After receiving your custom paper you become the only owner of the paper. You automatically get all the rights of your ordered paper or essay. This approach to work can assure that your essay was not a pre written essay. Pre written essay selling is not in our interests. 

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We select every writer by testing him/her before giving them job at That is why every our writer possesses high writing skills and is passionate about writing. Every our writer is striving to work on your order as he/she knows that his/her work will be of great value for you. Papers we provide at will definitely improve your grades and academic career. Our instant messaging system is unique for the customers, since it allows them to have an access to the assigned writer 24/7.

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Our essay ordering system is pretty easy to use. It will take you only couple minutes you will be able to cooperate with the assigned writer. As soon as you provide the necessary information regarding billing, the assigned to you writer will immediately begin working on your order.

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