Start working “smarter” and contact for all of your academic writing needs.  We have been in the business of providing essays, papers, reports, reviews, research, abstracts, research proposals, theses and dissertations for years, and have developed a system that is efficient and guaranteed to please even the most discriminating student or instructor/professor.

       When you complete the order form, providing all of the details and requirements of your need, we immediately locate exactly the correct writer for the task, and the work begins!   Unlike other writing services, we do not promise 24-hour delivery of a dissertation or a bargain price for a piece that will require research, synthesis, and impeccable writing.  Rather, we provide custom, original works, begun as they are ordered by our clients.  Do not be swayed by the “bargain” agencies.  They offer only inferior products, copied from a large database of works that have been previously written and sold to others before you!  You cannot afford to risk the consequences of using plagiarized or inferior written products.  You need the guarantee of complete originality – you need!

       Once your custom work is completed, it is sent to our editing department.  Here, several things are accomplished.  First, it is reviewed for structure, organization, sentence and paragraph construction, appropriate referencing of resources, grammar and mechanics.  Second, it is compared with the instructions and specifications of your order so that we know we are meeting your guidelines and requirements.  Third, it is scanned for plagiarism, so that we can provide a 100 per cent guarantee of originality.   No other service provides this thorough check before delivering a product to a client.

       Particularly with more complex works, it is normal for the assigned writer to communicate directly with the client, in order to request further clarification or to provide drafts of that which has been completed thus far.  We encourage this communication, because it further ensures that your product is exactly what you want.  As well, our customer support team is available 24 hours a day, so that you can address any questions, issues or concerns you may have.

       We at believe that we have set the standard for premier academic writing services.  We use only degreed professionals who have demonstrated abilities in both research and writing.  We give our writers access to the most current and sophisticated research libraries available, so that you know you are getting the best that is out there as resource material.

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       Once you receive your final draft, we go one step further in the process of guaranteeing your complete satisfaction.  You have the right to request any revisions you wish, and your writer will happily and quickly complete those revisions, at no additional cost to you.  Our goal is your satisfaction, because we want you back for all of your writing needs.  Most of our business is built on long-term relationships with our customers, and we like it that way.

       We know you are busy as a student, and that the pressures of assignments can create stress and anxiety.  We also know that there is a life beyond course attendance and assignments that you should be enjoying as well.  Perhaps you have a part-time job; perhaps you are involved in campus activities; perhaps you are no completely confident in your research and writing skills.  Whatever the reasons for your need, we stand ready to help!  No order is too small or too large and complex for us.  Even if you only need a part of a project written or an objective review of a work you have written, we are glad to assist you.

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       On another note, students often worry about confidentiality and privacy.  At, our policy is to never share with any third party that you have used our service, nor do we provide any information about any of our clients to anyone.   Even your writer will not know your real name!  Once your paper is delivered to you, it becomes your sole property, and we maintain no databases of works written by our authors.  This guarantees that your original work will never appear anywhere else, and that is a critical component of your academic career!

       Our writers all possess Master’s or Ph.D. degrees, and come primarily from the US, UK, Australia and Canada.  As such, English is their native language, and formal English writing is their strength.  They are able to produce essays and papers at all academic levels in any subject field, from a simple 5-paragraph essay to a doctoral dissertation and everything in between.  We promise as well that they will follow your requirements, as listed in your order, and deliver the work to you in plenty of time for you to review and request revisions.  No other company can do what does!

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