Organisations and foundations that fund specific projects and proposals exist out there and offer funds to certain projects upon submitting of competent project proposals. There is however an uphill task of matching the specific organisation or foundation funding a certain type of projects. Writing the required proposal to fit the specific requirements of a certain organisation or foundation also requires expert skills which some applicants might not possess. Grant writing is further made sensitive in that errors as to the content and format of the proposal will normally carry serious consequences.

Valuable Grant Writing Help from Experts tries to bridge this gap by providing you with quite a wide range of online services ranging from presentation and speech writing, lab report writing to grant writing. All these services are not available anywhere else apart from our speech and presentation writing lab. Poor writing skills may thwart the effective delivery of the intended message of any piece of work be it in lab report writing or proposal writing. Visit and welcome to our speech and presentation writing agencywhere all your writing problems are solved. We offer grant writing services of superior quality at a cheap and affordable price.

Matters to do with grant are normally complicated and may require time consuming research to unearth the truth behind the awarding of grants by organisations. Firstly, one is required to identify possible organisations dealing with the specific sector and this can only be achieved through research. Then the next step after successful research is reaching the organisations identified for funding. In most cases, a proposal will have to be developed amongst other correspondences as a way of communicating ones interest to the funding organisation.

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At we offer several online services that are aimed at assisting you obtain your objectives. These grant writing services include but are not limited to the following:

  • One, we do grant funding search that is billed on hourly basis. Clients have an option of issuing a limit as to the amount they would wish to incur on this. Once the limit is reached, the client cannot be charged any further. We do various inquiries also at an hourly rate.
  • Two, we do funding proposal development from scratch. Under this we write proposals according to the specific requirements of the funding organisation and proofread it to eliminate any errors. Once the proposal is ready, we then submit it to the intended organisation and then follow up on it. The charges here depend on the length and intricacy of the proposal to be developed.
  • Three, we offer rewriting services where a client has a proposal but lacks a grant funding organisation. In this case we rewrite such a proposal, locate new sources and submit it to a relevant funding organisation at a cheap price.
  • Four, we offer grant proposal review to clients who want to have their proposals subjected to professional review. The purpose of this is to proofread, positively criticize the proposal and rate it with an aim of making it better.
  • Lastly, grant proposal evaluation is also done to those clients who want a professional evaluation of their proposals. For those interested in these services, they will have to sign a contract with us and pay the deposit as we don’t work on contingency fee, commission or even a promise to give us a share of the grant amount.

Our writers are both qualified and experienced giving you the best quality custom essays and other writings available online. All that you need is to login to and buy our custom services. All who buy our essay writing, grant writing or presentation and speech writing services definitely end up coming back for more.


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