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Order now focuses on four critical factors as it provides writing services to its customers: relationship with client, quality of work produced and delivered, types of services offered, and cost.

Company-Client Relationship

We value each and every client. In fact, that is how our reputation has been built over many years of providing the best customer service possible. When a client orders any academic writing from us, our service immediately assigns a single writer who is an expert in the content field to work with the client until the product delivered is exactly as the client wishes it to be.

In addition to a personal writer, our company provides 24/7 customer service assistance, by phone, fax, email or live chat. These dedicated staff members are available to respond to any question, issues or concerns a client may have.

Our team of editors reviews each and every work before it is finally delivered to the client. As well, the most sophisticated plagiarism-detection software is used as a final check for complete originality.

The client can contact his or her writer at any point and monitor the progress of the order. As well, once the product is delivered, the client has the opportunity to review and request revisions at no additional cost (within 2 days after the deadline expiration).


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Quality of Work Produced

Every writer employed by SupremeEssays.comhas a graduate degree in a specific content area and is a proven expert writer of every type of academic assignment an instructor might give. So, if you need an essay, a book review, analysis, critique, abstract, research proposal, term or research paper, thesis or dissertation, admissions essays, etc., you can count on our expert writers to provide them with sound construction, perfect flow of ideas, and impeccable grammar. Every writer begins each assignment from scratch, so that the client receives a completely original work designed specifically for the assignment requirements and according to his or her guidelines.

Many students worry that they writing style will be such that an instructor may accuse him or her of plagiarism or hiring a “ghostwriter.” In this instance, the writer will ask for a sample of the client’s own writing and make every effort to use that style. However, the usage and grammar, as well as the overall structure will be completely correct.

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Types of Services Offered

Any academic writing can be provided by our service. From high school to postgraduate studies, our writers can produce world class writing of any variety and related to any topic requested. In addition to the invaluable customer service indicated above, and the production of any type of writing, revisions are happily completed without extra charge.

If you have already begun a work but are bogged down in its completion, our writers will take what you have completed so far, edit it, and finish it for you.

If you have completed a project and are looking for editing and proofreading, look no further. We have experts for this service as well.

If you need only research completed, our professionals have access to the most current tools available and will provide the research that is most relevant to your topic.

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Relative to pricing, offers great flexibility, dependent upon two important factors. First, the level of complexity and length must be considered. A high school term paper, for example, will obviously not cost as much as a master’s thesis. Some assignments require in-depth research, while others do not. The extent of research must also be a factor in pricing. Second, we must consider the deadline requirement. If the order is placed in plenty of time for the writer to work at a slower pace, the price will be less than an urgent order for delivery within hours. While we can meet any deadline, the time frame will affect pricing.

We believe we are the most reasonably priced writing service for the quality and customer service we offer. As well, we usually have promotional offers and always offer discounts to returning clients. We build our business on satisfied customers!

Our money-back guarantee applies to all work delivered. If a client is not satisfied with the work, he or she is entitled to free revisions so that satisfaction is achieved. If a client should receive a poorer grade than expected, we have a sliding scale of refunds. This has only rarely occurred, but we believe that we should stand by the quality of our work, no matter what.

Feel free to contact us at for a free quote for any project.The solutions offered at are comprehensive, because we believe that a top notch writing service must focus on all four aspects of serving its clientele. Our only goal is to serve the client, and we have done this successfully for years. Come and try us out! We guarantee you will return again and again.


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