is known the world over for its writing services, provided to students in all English-speaking educational institutions from high school to post-graduate studies. 

        Among the services offered by are custom original essays, term and research papers, book reviews, article critiques, thesis and dissertation proposals and abstracts, and complete theses and dissertations.  In addition to providing complete academic works, the writing professionals at provide editing and proofreading services to all students who are in various stages of work completion but who are not confident that their work will be worthy of the scrutiny of the most discerning instructors and professors.  Serving an average of 15,000 students a year, we are now experiencing a surge of requests, as our reputation has grown and as satisfied clients return to us for additional services.  We have not been placed in a position of marketing our services, as we have grown completely by “word of mouth.”

       The use of a writing service for academic needs has almost become a necessity for most students.  As coursework becomes more rigorous and as multiple writing assignments are given within each semester, students are finding it impossible to complete these at a quality level and with the deadline demands of the instructors.  It is not a shameful thing to admit that writing is an arduous task.  Not everyone can turn out quality academic writing quickly and easily.  Each individual has unique talents and abilities, and a premier chemistry student may find it particularly difficult to create a literary analysis of a medieval epic poem.  Using an academic writing service is, then a smarter and much more efficient way to meet the demands of professors who teach classes that are not in one’s major area of study.  It is the mission of to provide world-class writing services to any student who is struggling or feeling overwhelmed by the amount and complexity of academic writing.

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   Consider the following strengths of our company:

       We currently employ in excess of 500 professional writers in virtually every academic field of studies, in the arts sciences, and humanities.  These writers are all graduate-degreed academicians who have submitted to our rigorous selection process and whose academic credentials have been thoroughly investigated and confirmed.  They are all native English-speaking professionals who produce every type of essay and paper a student wishes to order.

       We provide continual and consistent customer service throughout the writing process.  Our dedicated customer service staff is available to our clients 24/7, to respond to any questions, issues and concerns.  As well, each client has direct communication with his/her writer throughout the process.  In this way, the client is involved in the process from beginning to end, providing suggestions and requesting revisions as the work is in progress.  The client can further monitor progress of the work through his or her personal account, providing peace of mind and confidence that the product is moving along appropriately.

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      We guarantee that each and every work delivered to our clients is 100% original, custom written as it is ordered.  Once delivered, the work belongs solely to the client, and will never appear on the internet again.  We also guarantee complete confidentiality.  No one will ever know that a client has utilized our services unless the client chooses to reveal the information.

       Our clients are so satisfied with our work that they return to over and over again and, as well, recommend family and friends to us.  Our reputation is built upon client satisfaction, and we are proud of the reputation we have developed over years of steady, honest, ethical business practices.

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