How to Study at Night Effectively

In the life of many students, there are situations when they have to do their homework or prepare for the test at night. Here are some tips on how to work at night more effectively.

Think positive and do not worry. Take a shower to cool the body. When studying at night, avoid wasting time. Horror movies will help you to be on your guard. However, do not be too carried away. Otherwise, you will simply be distracted from your real mission.

Do not Drink  Black Tea

Black tea may seem like the perfect solution, but you will only have a temporary surge, and the next day you will feel awful (perhaps right during the test). Instead, drink two full glasses of ice water every 30 minutes. Cold water will not only help you stay awake, but you will have to go to the restroom more often. Herbal teas without caffeine will also keep you awake naturally due to the content of various herbs.

Turn off  Your Mobile Phone

Turn off instant alerts, email, mobile phone, TV, do not surf the Internet, do not play games on your devices, do not read, do not draw, do not write poetry, and so on. Pinch yourself if you start to get distracted this way. A pinch will bring you back to reality, to the need to focus on doing the work. Nevertheless, if you want to stay up all night for some other reason, phones, tablets, and things like that emit blue light that keeps you awake.

Proper Nutrition

Eat protein foods like sandwiches, cheese, and other dairy products. Sugar products may give you vigor for a while, but ultimately, you will feel sleepy when blood sugar drops dramatically. Apples maintain a stable level of sugar in the blood so that you will be awake longer. Remember, any fruits and healthy food are better than sweets. You should not overload your stomach with food; otherwise, you may be disturbed by bloating and even more sleepiness. Do not eat heavy food in the evening if you plan to stay awake at night.

Physical Activity

Tap your feet. It may seem strange to you, but it really helps. If it becomes a habit for you, it can save you from falling asleep in difficult minutes. If you have an energy drink or coffee, take one small sip every 30 minutes. You will be fit without further loss of strength. If you feel that you are going to fall asleep, close your eyes and put ice cubes on them.

Try not to Yawn

You are yawning because you breathe less oxygen, which means that you breathe evenly, superficially, and slowly. If you want to yawn, you should laugh. A lot of laughter will awake and entertain you. It warms the muscles and sends endorphins through the body, which gives you a feeling of happiness. If you feel that you are falling asleep, watch a funny video on the Internet.


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