When Annotated Bibliography Writing Is Required…

Anytime research works are produced, a bibliography is required. At the high school and undergraduate levels, this usually means listing all of the resources used at the end of the paper, using a specified format. Things change in graduate school, however, because major literature reviews and research works will require annotated bibliography writing.

An annotated bibliography begins with the complete listing of the source.From this point, the writer must then provide a summary of the resource content and often an evaluation or assessment of the resource in terms of its usefulness, it reliability, its objectivity or subjectivity, and perhaps comments on its value to others who might conduct similar research. The annotation must be a thoughtful, carefully written piece that is brief and yet thorough – a tall order!

Students who do not have experience in annotated bibliography writing will find this task quite difficult. Experience is the best teacher in most instances, and it often takes significant annotated bibliography writing to be able to write entries with ease.

To give the necessary experience, many professors give annotated bibliography writing assignments separate from research projects and papers.  Still, students continue to struggle with this task as they prepare their final portions of a finished work. With everything else completed, it is frustrating to be stalled with the bibliography.

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