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The Sun Also Rises is a renowned book that clearly portrays the lives of many of the members of the commonly so-called ‘The Lost Generation’. This is a group of a good number of men and also women whose evident early adulthood was always consumed by the dreaded World War I. This war led to massive killings and many people could not share their stories with the fear of being victimized. There existed horrific conflict, which was mainly referred and looked at as the Great War that eventually set out new standards for all death and also immorality in the existing war. This war greatly shattered what most people believed in especially all the traditional values of the known love, faith, and also manhood. With the loss of lives and eventual separation of families, little was left to celebrate as a nurtured culture and also beliefs. For a given culture to grow and be cemented in a society, it calls for sustenance of the existing practices and harmony within the given community. The World War affected the harmony and that is what the author is out to portray. Without the existence of the long-held notions that people were always made to rely on, many members of that generation that was out to fight and also worked in that war suffered immense moral and also psychological aimlessness. The eventual futile search and desire to elucidate the meaning in the evident wake of that Great War shapes the idea behind The Sun Also Rises. Although all the characters rarely or do not even mention that war directly, the evident effects always haunt everything they are out to do and even say.

Brett is an extremely strong, also largely independent woman. She always exerts great power, at all times, over the men around her, as her beauty and also charisma often seem to be geared towards charming every person that she meets. Moreover, she often refuses to ever commit to any given man, and goes out to definitely prefer having ultimate independence in everything she does. She does not believe in submission or giving in easily to any manly calls and sees herself as a mature lady who can do what men can also handle. She believes that she is equally endowed to take care of any task that can bring itself out.  However, this perceived independence that she fights for in her daily endeavors does not always make her totally happy. She does not fail to frequently complain to the famous Jake about how and evidently miserable she turns out to be—her present life, she often claims, is totally aimless and also unsatisfying. This means that she is not satisfied with what life presents to her. She desires to achieve more in her endeavors and believes that her abilities are not challenged to the fullest. There is more to her daily life that needs to be tapped and she thinks it is necessary that she seeks an outward solace. This is evident once more in the way Brett’s clearly hold non-conformity to the existing traditional female norms as evident in the book (Hemingway).

She does not conform to the traditional cultural calling and desires that most societies have. She believes in independence and is not tied down by any form of norms or beliefs. This is evident in the way she carries herself around in the society. Her modes of dressing, her cropped hair are just but a few examples of how she does not conform to what her culture calls for. She does not believe in adhering to what other people in the society tie themselves to and she even goes on to use words such as chap to refer to herself. She portrays open sexuality and has no issue with opening up whenever she feels intimate with someone. All these traits make men look down upon her and she even has an issue with Jake as she cannot settle with one man. She changes relationships the way she wishes and is never ready to stick to one relationship. This wandering from one relationship to another greatly parallels Jake and also his friends’ who keep on wandering from one bar to another. As Jake is seen remarking, “She can’t go anywhere alone” (Hemingway). This shows how she has issues with dealing with men and settling in her life. Men despise her and consider her one of the lost sheep in society.

Jake and the other male characters seem to have been greatly affected by the World War. The fact that they stand for lasting relationships and also uphold their cultures shows how they revere their societies. They never hold anything strong with the women in their societies as they consider them as agents of confusion and people who are out to bring bridges and disparities among them. Romero is also tormented by Brett as she is out to ensure that he does not make it in his life. This is evident as she tries to tamper with is confidence and also the reverence that he had for his works. The latter, however, notices this extremely fast and does not fall victim to her advances.

The fact that both these parties believe in love and romance, show how the society evolved from the older and ancient ways in which people could present their interests and intimacy. This is evident in how they are free with their sexuality as also Brett is ready and willing to talk about it without any fear. Despite the fact that the men are aware about Brett’s advances, they still fall for her. Jake is in fact completely affected when she refuses to accept his proposal for a serious relationship. This shows how the love and relationships really mattered in their society (Hemingway).

Hemingway was out to bring a scenario where he considered a liberated woman as one who was necessarily a very corrupting and also dangerous force for all men. As evident in the use of Brett s a character who clearly represents a great threat to the famous Pedro Romero and also his career—she often believes that through her own strength and also independence, she  will be at a position to eventually spoil all Romero’s strength and the evident independence that he enjoyed. Since she does not also conform to the traditional and feminine behavior, she poses as a danger to him. This relationship that exists between the males and female characters in the play is a bit sour and the males consider the females a s a threat to their lives. As Brett clearly represents the modern society, and how she cannot even settle in any relationship, men had very little respect for them (Hemingway).

The society has greatly advanced in the way they view relationships. Issues such as sexuality are no longer respected and ladies keep on moving from one relationship to another. Corruption is also stiff in the society.

The Sun Also Rises. Custom The Sun Also Rises Essay Writing Service || The Sun Also Rises Essay samples, help

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