Silent Spring Analysis

In the first chapter named ‘The fable for tomorrow’, Rachel Carson writes about the imaginary town in the middle of the USA that was absolutely harmonious and peaceful. The town was full of wild nature variety including the diversity of trees and birds that were singing all day long. The writer says that these were the days of the first settlers, when everything was so pure and unchanged by human hand. However, the time passed, the circumstances changed, almost all of the diversity disappeared, and people started getting sick, and dyeing. There was almost no harvest, the trees were blossoming, but there were no bees to pollinate the flowers. The author explains that it happened not because of any witchcraft or bad spell, but because people did that themselves. The town is not real, it does not actually exist, but it may have thousands of counterparts all over the world. The situation described had never happened to any actual community, but there are cities that really suffered from some of the problems described. In the next chapter ‘The obligation to endure’, the author tells about the insects poisoning and how it influences people. As she writes, the life on planet Earth has a huge history and the balance in the interaction among species played a very important role. Moreover, the only one species had acquired the possibility to alter the nature and it is the man. The author describes that the man changed the world rapidly, some of the problems, as for example radiation, existed always and the organisms gained the ability to adapt to circumstances, but now the situation is much worse as the man is tampering with the atom. The human civilization likes to play with chemicals so much that every year the human body and animals have to adapt to 500 new chemicals, and this is number in the limits biological experience. Since 1940’s 200 chemicals were created for use in killing insects, weeds, rodents, now we know them as pests. They actually kill every insect, the so-called ‘bad’ and ‘good’. However, the problem with insects arises only because of disproportion in farming, overproduction, so that the insects are trying to compete for the food, or when the circumstances are unsanitary, farming goes under primitive agricultural conditions. The thirds chapter is named ‘Elixirs of death’. The author says that now people must contact with dangerous chemicals form the moment of conception until death. In addition, it happened so because of sudden rise of industry. The facts are that the production of synthetic pets in the USA grown form 124, - 259,000 pounds in 1947 and to 637,666,000 in 1960. Moreover, modern insecticides are still more deadly. Their basic element is carbon; one can create the whole mass of chemicals on its base. All of them can be stored in the human body; the only point for discussion is upon how much. DDT chemicals are passed from one organism to another through all of the links of food chain – grain, cows, and milk. Scientists are concerned that the potential hazard of DDT has been underestimated.  Dr. Lehman said that chemical is one of the most toxic ones – anyone working with it could get poisoned (1955). The author says that even organic phosphates are among the most poisonous chemicals. There was a situation in Florida when two children found an empty bag and used it to repair a swing. Shortly afterwards both of them dies and three of their friend became very sick. The bag contained an insecticide called parathion and the tests established that the death was caused by poisoning. These are the toxic chemicals against insects, but the situation with herbicides, which kill plants in absolutely the same. Moreover, some of them are even capable to modify the gens. People are terrified by the genetic effects of radiation, so how can they be indifferent to the same effect of chemicals.

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All of the points that were raised in those three chapters are of utmost importance for the filed of environmental science as they are urgent for solution, people are living and working in such circumstances that are harmful for life and that are actually killing the planet as such. There will be nothing left for the future generations, except the bad soil, radiation, mutation and a whole list of illnesses. Now the only thing that people can do is to adapt to everything, but we should change this way of behavior and start carrying about out health and the health of all life in the planet Earth.

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