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Desdemona is one of the characters in the play Othello directed by Shakespeare (1601-1604). She is a very beautiful lady who lets her father down after escaping with Othello. She decides to move with her husband to Cyprus after he was allocated there to serve in republic of Venice. During her stay in Cyprus, her husband’s mind is changed by the ensign Iogo and eventually believes that Desdemona was an adulteress and as a result she was murdered by her spouse.  

The love between Desdemona and Othello is viewed from different perspectives. It relates to some kind of magic that she disobeys her father and escapes with Othello because of his power. However, the love is viewed as the malignity of the devil of Iogo whose total minds cannot take affection which is purely founded on the sentiments of her love. Desdemona is seen leaving behind her household in a hesitation and hangs on to tales of Othello (Shakespeare 24). This is believed to be one of the pictures from her life and basically her ability to think quick faster and posse higher imagination skills which makes her to have an added advantage. On the other hand her compassionate disposition gives disastrous chances for Desdemona to escape. Othello confesses that Desdemona loved him for the dangers he had passed through and said that despite all these he loved her in return because he pity them. This confession by Othello is well kept in heart and mouth of Desdemona as the love grew. She confesses in the absence of Desdemona thus she took it with higher seriousness.

Desdemona sometimes showed transient energy which was caused by the higher level of affection however this brings out the prevailing tone of Desdemona as a character of passiveness and gentleness which not only cannot recent but also cannot resist. Desdemona is generally at times soft tempered and Iago took the advantage to turn it against her with the intention of striking Othello in a totally new point of being unable to resist temptations. This portrays a different point of view since the perception is surrounded by the entire characters who show too much gentleness with relation to nature that is not delineated with too much refinement. On the other hand the excessiveness of Desdemona timidity makes her enter in a horrible moment of confusion which terrifies her when she thinks about the handkerchief which was among the most fashionable gifts during that particular time although Othello came up with a tricky way of convincing Desdemona to agree that the handkerchief was only but a talisman.

Young Goodman Brown is set in the middle seventeenth century in Salem which is situated in the Northeast of Boston while the setting of Othello takes place in the streets of Venice and stretches up to Cyprus. Young Goodman Brown begins in evening where Brown kisses his wife and enters into a forest where he is not expected to come home until the next day; the main reason behind this was to witness a meeting which was referred to as the witches Sabbath (Hawthorne 13). The core reason for this meeting was induction of all the communities which were from Salem and its surrounding into the system of evil brotherhood. While in the forest he met with a mysterious man carrying a resemblance of a snake. On his arrival he noticed that his wife faith and religious leaders were also present. Before Brown’s wife was baptized as a new comer, Brown ordered her to look up in heaven and resist the evil; as a result everybody disappeared in the forest leaving Brown alone. Brown suddenly changed and becomes very sad, lonely and desperate. He eventually dies as well as his wife and children. On the hand the play Othello by Shakespeare revolves around a beautiful lady called Desdemona who disappoints her father by eloping with the man she loved called Othello. They moved to Cyprus where Othello was to serve in the Republic of Venice. While in Cyprus Othello was made to believe that his wife Desdemona was cheating on him and as a result this ended up as a tragedy of killing his spouse (Shakespeare 32). Despite the two deaths, the two books have approached death from different perspectives and settings.

There is the use of symbolism both in Young Goodman Brown and Othello. The forest in Young Goodman Brown is used to symbolize the Garden of Eden and Brown represents human beings who are willing to enter the forest of sin (Hawthorne 19). More so, the man who met Brown in the forest symbolizes the devil or the serpent and Faith, wife to Brown is symbolic of the religious faith of all people but her appearance on the Sabbath meeting symbolizes Eve in the Garden of Eden. On the other hand the handkerchief in Othello is used symbolically to portray different things in several characters. Othello gave Desdemona a handkerchief to symbolize his faith and love although Iago comes and manipulates it to portray the faith and chastity of Desdemona to herself but not Othello. Iago takes the handkerchief from Desdemona and manipulates it shows high level of infidelity. Later, Othello explains to Desdemona that the white background of the handkerchief represents the white bed sheets while the strawberry patters represents virgins blood.  Generally they symbolize the stains of blood which were left on the sheets during the weeding night; ideally the handkerchief symbolizes fidelity and virginity.

The theme of evil infecting people who are upright prevails in Young Goodman Brown for instance religious leaders were also in the midst of people who attended the witches Sabbath meeting. On the other hand, in Othello the theme of military heroism and love prevails, for instance, through the military Othello is accepted in the society of Venetians and through his relationship with Desdemona he is accepted in the white society. 

Othello by Shakespeare. Custom Othello by Shakespeare Essay Writing Service || Othello by Shakespeare Essay samples, help

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