British Literature

Calling me a hero is not enough to describe me .I am of a noble status and the achievements that I have made none has ever in history or in future be able to achieve. I have conquered all that is available to be and there is no stone unturned in all corners of the world; east or west, north or south .I speak while others listen because they have nothing to say in my presence. The ground feels my weight as I walk. The king of the jungle remains calm in my presence.

The forces of nature believe in my word and got no chance to say anything in my presence. I have no apologies for what I say or do because no man or woman can question my word. The Leaders of the world respects me and listen to what I say because I am the controller of the world and all activities are done in my command. All the investors and the inventors pay tribute to me because I pioneered all the inventions and the investments across the world.

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My abilities are beyond measure. I am the strongest in the world a fact that has led me to win all the battles I have fought. Which bank or company that does not know me?  I have the largest share in all. I have made the greatest academic records in the world which cannot be achieved by any other person. The teachers have nothing new to tell me. I am the currency which the world uses and every human being wishes to have (Kenning). My wealth is like the sand on the earth’s surface (simile).

I have my own class .I have the vote of the world.  I rear chicks and make them eagle. I was made man to make money (alliteration). The world admires my adventurous nature (alliteration). I have the monopoly of the knowledge and wisdom from where the world purchase at a bargained cost (kenning). I have encouraged many and I am their mentor. My company’s products require no advertisement or marketing persons. I am the witchdoctor and the cure of economic crisis (Metaphor).

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