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Becoming Attached. Custom Becoming Attached Essay Writing Service || Becoming Attached Essay samples, help

The book “Becoming Attached” by Karen Robert is a work exploring the effects of the relationship of parents and their infant children. Shows how different attachments that parents have to their children have an effect at the later age. Karen explores many works of psychologists on the attachment theory, discussing their ideologies, discoveries, and personal experiences on the matter. Therefore, Karen gives a rich source of information on the subject given that he explores the theories and studies on the matter. The work by Karen forms a modern way of looking on to the subject. In the modern world, most parents are working and leaving their children on the hands of other people mostly the popular daycare. The work of Karen comes in handy to give answers to questions on issues involving the care of young children and the effects of under care. The work gives answers to the question whether the modern day care that most infants are going through is best for their future. Karen gives a demonstration on the effects of different mothering approaches on the behaviors of children at different ages. Karen shows how the behaviors the children adopt shape the life of them even i adulthood.

In the work, Karen explores the study by Mary Ainsworth. Ainsworth discovered that parenting techniques formed an attachment between the child and the parent. Ainsworth through her study divides parental to child attachment into two groups. One type is secure attachment and the other one the insecure attachment. Children develop the two different types of attachment basing on the parental care they underwent. The theory that Ainsworth developed is the basis of explaining attachment in modern day psychology (Lerman 1).

Those parents that adopted a sensitive parenting way in caring for their infant children formed a secure attachment with their children. The parents would hold the infant children, feeding them when they demand feeding, carrying them, and immediate response when the children cried formed secure attachment with their children. Secure attachment children were confident and seemed happy all the time. The children would get upset when their parents were not around (Karen 69).

The parents who leave their children most of the day form insecure attachment in them. The children with inseccure attachment seem very independent in that they do not show any emotions on their parents leaving them or coming to them. Some other children are fussy and clingy (Karen 86). The children do not seem to get comfortable even when their parents are holding them (Lerman 2).

During preschool, securely attached children show confidence even when with other children. The children are able to interact well with other children. Teachers and other children like the children with a secure attachment. When hurt, the children with secure attachment turn to their teachers for comfort. Children with the insecure attachment have many problems when interacting with other children. The children often become bullies. If hurt, the children with the insecure attachment retreat into corners when hurt (Karen 94).

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The work by Karen also explores the effect of day care. Day care has a negative effect on the child development. Parents who leave their children to day care before the age of one risk the children of developing an insecure attachment. The children develop the insecure attachment, as the people who take care of them are not consistent (Lerman 4).

Becoming Attached. Custom Becoming Attached Essay Writing Service || Becoming Attached Essay samples, help

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