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This essay investigates the literature on American Liberty and Freedom, according to Erick Foner. It particularly establishes how resolutions by Virginia and Kentucky threatened the stability of the US government. In addition, it discusses Thomas Jefferson’s actions that promoted universal expansion of human freedom. Further, the essay elucidates why the 1812 war is referred to as the “Second War of Independence” and why Jefferson saw Hamilton’s financial plans as threat to the existence of both freedom and the republic (Tyrrell, 2010 page 36).

The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions posed a great threat to stability and the existence of the future republic. The two states were against the “Alien and Sedition Acts” that were basically crafted to muzzle the opposition. According to literature, this law had been passed by the Federal government and therefore, represented the position of the entire United States. Although the concerns were genuine, their efforts were widely perceived to be pushing for the rights of individual states at the expense of the nation. Essentially, this was certainly a threat to majority rule and therefore, it was a clear recipe for chaos, or even a possible civil war (Tyrrell, 2010 page 10).

Thomas Jefferson was a leading champion of human liberty in the 1800s. Although he did not personally achieve much in terms of giving liberty to the African-American slaves, his works laid the grounds for a better republic. For instance, Jefferson emphasized that America had to make certain sacrifices at home if it were to genuinely promote freedom abroad. However, the actual expansion of democratic space in the world only became a reality a century later (Tyrrell, 2010 page 120).

The “American War of 1812” has widely been described as the “Second War of Independence”. This war came long after America had declared its independence in 1776 from the Great Britain. However, historians prefer to call it the second war due to the fact that the United States had intended to stomp their authority as a sovereign state that could protect its citizens and international trade from British interference (Tyrrell, 2010 page 91).

According to Jefferson, Hamilton and his Federalist colleagues were designing a financial plan that would certainly implant monarchy in American institutions. This was basically an extension of British rule that would negatively impact on the people’s freedom and the stability of the republic (Tyrrell, 2010 page 27).

In conclusion, American freedom and the pursuit of liberty were realized mainly during the era of Thomas Jefferson. Indeed, he seems keen to be remembered for his contribution to human liberty, rather than his positions in the government. His dedication to service was certainly self-evident that all humans are equal, regardless of race or tribe.  

“American War of 1812”. Custom “American War of 1812” Essay Writing Service || “American War of 1812” Essay samples, help

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