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Cyber security is one of the most significant issues today, but its future appears to be threatened by various complicated challenges such as hacking, data breaches, and online extortions, affecting most organizations as well as government agencies (Victor, 2004). I agree that cyber terrorists are the most worrisome to national security. These could be organized groups or individuals engaged in activities that are aimed at weakening or distracting the political, military and economic power of the country. However, various risk mitigation strategies have to put in place to protect the nation and its critical infrastructure from such malpractices. I basically agree that one working strategy is the defense- in-depth strategy, as it presents a framework that is structured in various layers that could be adopted to prevent cyber terrorism (Johannes & Michel, 2009). This strategy is effective because it actually provides approaches through which such malpractices can be detected, controlled, and prevented from further occurrence. Apparently, the best way through which the United States government can deal with these hackers is through establishing legislation through which it can enforce penalties to these criminals.

Cloud computing is considered as a technology that applies central remote servers and the Internet to manage data, plus, its applications (Armbrust et al., 2010). This technology allows businesses and other consumers to use applications and access their personal files without the installation as long as the computer is connected to the Internet. I sail in the same boat with the United States government that it would actually benefit from this technology as it provides a built-in disaster recovery strategy and data back-up (Armbrust et al., 2010). This technology is beneficial because users will not be required to carry data on removable data storage devices, which can present potential security benefits.

For the inter-agency relations, I believe that the type of cloud model that should be used is the community cloud, as this can be applied by several organizations within a specific community having common concerns such as security, jurisdiction, or compliance (Danielson, 2008). For the critical infrastructure’s public-private partnership, I agree that the type of cloud model that should be applied is the hybrid cloud, because this is a composition of two or more clouds. This can either be public, community, or private that are bound together to generate benefits of deploying multiple clouds.

What, to your point of view, the United States government can do to ensure it attains the best out of the cloud-based computing technology?

Software piracy is an illegal duplication and application of the computer software. However, this is one of the major concerns for almost all states, considering the fact that software developers will not get enough revenue to continue with their discoveries (Nicholas, 2008). Effects of piracy trickle down to the general economy as it reduces the levels of investment in marketing. The economists reported that software piracy in 2007 cost the country about $39.6 billion (Nicholas, 2008). However, software piracy appears to be more rampant outside the United States. This is basically attributed by various factors. For instance, copying is often considered as a form of cheating in the United States, a fact that is considered as a cultural practice in other states, especially among the Asian nations. I also believe that this difference is because the United States is the only country that does not use software piracy as a common source of income, together with no legal penalties. In China, for instance, pirated items are openly sold on the streets for a price that is estimated to be a tenth of what is paid for the same copies in the United States (Marco, 2010). Furthermore, there are legal agencies established to deal with piracy matters and these agencies have actually strengthened the intellectual property protection and boosted the cultural attitudes towards piracy.

Utility Computing. Custom Utility Computing Essay Writing Service || Utility Computing Essay samples, help

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