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Advancement in Technology

Advancement in Technology

Advancement in technology has been crucial towards the realisation of predicting and determining future occurrences. Assuming there was a technology that would assist parents in determining the traits of their babies, several inconveniences and uncertainties would be eliminated. Most probabilistic traits like gender, height, and absence of genetic illnesses would be easily determined. Assuming I was a parent, and this technology was in existence, my main preference would be to avoid genetic illnesses. In this regard, children would survive independently and propagated ailments such as cancer would be few. Notably, the use of the technology would be accessible mainly to the rich and influential individuals in the society. Certainly, these individuals would select the most appropriate traits like tall heights. Nevertheless, there would still be the natural people who are tall and definitely, their genes would be propagated. Considering that only the wealthy would access the technology, the government would have to intervene to prevent disparity through means like subsidies, so that the technology would become accessible to everyone.

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“From Consumers to Commoners” by Reich, reflects the changing economic times that we witness. Initially, he notes that people used to struggle to contain the consumption level in any hard economic period. During those periods, people were forced to input more effort in order to meet their daily needs. Consequently, as earlier generation struggled for financial stability, the current generation has the choice of maintaining or improving the current standards of living. In this regard, the economic challenges that people should struggle to tackle are fighting to meet the common necessities that were mainly public utilities in the past. These facilities included good schools, clean air, public parks and public transportation that were unlimitedly available. With the struggle for liberalization and deregulation of most economic sectors, these facilities have become scanty. Therefore, the arising economic tussle would be the struggle to attain such basic elements. 

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