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Technological Convergence. Custom Technological Convergence Essay Writing Service || Technological Convergence Essay samples, help

In the past decade, we have encountered many articles and documents focusing on the need to bring together major players in the technology segment to come up with ways of building a ‘giant’ that would drastically change the perspective in telecommunication via the Internet. This paper presents a detailed overview and anatomy of what technological convergence connotes. Technology has been with us since the industrial revolution and is becoming better each and every day. The work will focus on cable modems and how they can be harnessed to achieve a global communication breakthrough that is stable in the long run. This can only be achieved through synergy and convergence embedded together. Synergy fundamentally refers to companies coming together to work on an objective that wouldn’t be accomplished on a solo basis. Technology cannot be forged ahead to be successful unless different expertise companies converge, help with synergy and thereafter make a merit of the links that they have strategized and worked out.

Technological convergence is the trend that consists in technological systems emulating and advancing so that these advancements perform related tasks. Convergence is a term that means the unity of formerly detached technologies that can eventually split resources and harmoniously interrelate synergistically. For example, an iPod can play videos, mp3, have radio broadcasts etc. simultaneously. Convergence in this case refers to the interlinking of various information technologies, the media and communication networks with computing. The popularization of the Internet in the 21st century has led to the rising of convergence through synergy. Numerous products have been invented and service delivery hastened due to the emergence of digital media.

Cable modems’ primary objective is distribution of the Internet. The Internet is undoubtedly the most prevalent form of technological convergence. Technically, a wide array of entertainment technologies uses the Internet as a means through which people can pursue the same goal. Online radio, videos, television, games, books are just some of the assortment of interactive media that the Internet holds. Cable modems are portable, affordable and durable. They provide access to the Internet without much sophistication but with better functionality than primary technology does. Synergy propels convergence since it is the combination of many parts that becomes a whole. Utilizing the synergy that results from successful convergence is the key point. When the players act harmoniously, it becomes easy to make a feeble idea to advance.

Technological convergence gives an individual an opportunity to have many devices embedded in one, reducing on size as well as cost. However, there is always a tradeoff in quality. Maximizing the advantages of the synergies which exist between diverse holdings would allege that the cross-promotion is majorly a power of convergence.

Technological Convergence. Custom Technological Convergence Essay Writing Service || Technological Convergence Essay samples, help

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