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The phenomenon of the Blackberry in the Middle East is that everyone wants to stay connected. The adoption of the Blackberry website in the Middle East is the first step in improving user’s access to Blackberry phone information. Brügger argues that the aim of the Blackberry website analysis is to map and explain its strategic situation in the Middle East and determine the forces that drive the improvement of the website1. The analysis of the website should provide information on whether or not the Blackberry website appeals to its target audience, if or not the site is easy to use and the extent of search engine friendliness.

The design of the website

The design of the website should allow users to be able to get the right information about the device. This will in turn offer better customer service and retention, a more productive workforce and more efficient use of limited resources. Broughton says that the website should be designed to give businesslike impression and incorporate components such as the Blackberry logo and corporate colours2. Sweeney says that the Blackberry website is should offer services to perform in-depth website analyses3. The design should include consistent text styles and images that will create a business mood. In general Broughton says that the design of the Blackberry website should use all its visual elements consistently and the main navigation bar should be accessible throughout the site and should appear in the same position on each page.

Kaushik stated that through the design of the Blackberry website should allow the company to know every aisle a visitor walks down and everything he or she touched. The website only shows the country and the number of providers a customer can purchase the Blackberry. Indeed, the Middle East option has only five smart-phones and one service provider that is STC. This implies that a user cannot end up buying the phone online. Kaushik noted that ‘we can only see how massively advantaged the Blackberry website is in terms of its ability to collect data and know lots of things about its visitors’5. In the Middle East, there is a need to have a Blackberry website that will inform the company how many clicks the customer made, pages visited, time on site and paths the customer visited.

Content of information on (company, Brand, Product)

The content of the Blackberry website will cover all the information that it will contain together with any interactive features. Broughton says that the website should contain brief information about the company in terms of who it includes and what it does6. Product information should also be included in visual format. These should include features such as charts, photographs, videos and sound. If possible the product videos should be three dimensional to promote good views. Broughton noted that the brand name of the company should be expressed in a formal language and at the same time ensure that the visitors of the Blackberry website are not overwhelmed with information they do not want.

The content of information should enable marketing the Blackberry in the Middle East which has not been effective due to the lack a good content. This has held back many businesses from making investment in the region. Sweeney says that Blackberry’s Middle East reach is dependent on language implying that the business will work well based on referrals hence if the client base has international ties, the services will be solicited from virtually anywhere8. Through the website content Blackberry should achieve online marketing techniques in Middle East. Sweeney articulates that the website should develop a comprehensive link strategy which is capable of negotiating and reciprocating links from other related sites in order to bring targeted business in the website9. The content on products and brand will enable the Blackberry website to link from blogs, content sites, and meta-indexes that cater for the Middle East market.

Ease of use (website) finding on information, is there any catalogues

The ease of use of the Blackberry website should concentrate on a number of usability issues. Broughton says that ease of use will be promoted by easy navigation which should ensure that links selected for main navigation bar connect with other pages10. Ease of use will entail use of search tools such as list boxes, keyword search boxes and site maps which will help visitors to find their way around. The Blackberry website should be search engine friendly. Sweeney recommends that the website should be developed to have sponsored listings campaign to bid on appropriate keyword phrases with the popular search engines11. This keyword phrases should target the United Arab Emirates as the critical battleground for vendors because there are huge numbers of corporations sited there. The website should also target Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman. It is recommended that the website design should consider using a viral marketing technique which will allow customers from the region to refer your site to their friends. 

 Recommendations for the online presence

One of the major recommendations for online presence is online presence and browser compatibility. Broughton says that the website should always be available 24/7 and minimise variations when viewed in different browsers12. This implies that it should be hosted by a reliable internet service provider (ISP). The site should be easy to maintain that is to update pages and add products. In conclusion, Johnston & Evers says that a Blackberry website portal designed specifically for its users in the region will be useful13. The website will not only serve internal company information, but it will enable the Blackberry users to gain access to data that will help them while they are travelling and visiting clients. Johnston & Evers mentioned that since there are different types of handheld devices in the Middle East, there is a need to accommodate the different user requirements14. The website should be able to detect the type of browser being used and redirect the devices to the appropriate page. The website should also be expanded to include online marketing strategies. The analysis of the website put Blackberry in a perfect position to up sell its products and services to each individual client in Middle East.

Arabic Blackberry. Custom Arabic Blackberry Essay Writing Service || Arabic Blackberry Essay samples, help

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