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Provision of confidence and constructive support play a significant role in ensuring that students improve their writing skills. Thus, various ways abound, which a teaching assistant, can employ for instilling confidence in a student while the same time advancing constructive criticism. These include the formation of an effective plan, which focuses on what an individual student needs, provision of guidance while implementing the plan, and restricting criticisms to the positive nature that will allow a student’s strengths to be highlighted. This essay explicates the aforementioned strategies that a teaching assistant can employ in ensuring confidence and constructive criticism to students.

Firstly, a teaching assistant can criticize a student while, at the same time, provide constructive criticism through cultivating the notion that anyone has a chance to improve their writing as long as one is given the opportunity. Notably, not many changes are required on many students’ writing; thus, it is the role of a teaching assistant to facilitate a student in identifying the problem areas and concentrate on them. Consequently, students will become familiar with their trouble areas and hone in on them, which will automatically instill confidence in them regarding their work.

Secondly, a teaching assistant should also feed his pupils with reasons as to why they need to improve their writing. In addition, a teaching assistant can should help students in knowing, which areas are currently effective as this contributes in building a student’s confidence. Notably, a student has a greater chance of improvement in his writing when one gets to understand thoroughly the suggestions emanating from the teaching assistant. Thus, it is essential to note that a teaching assistant should decisively let a student or students know how a certain method or approach can be improved. This is critical to a student’s confidence as it facilitates them in knowing the areas where they have to improve and the areas that they are currently successful, which is crucial in their future writings.

Thirdly, establishment of an ongoing relationship is another method that a teaching assistant can employ in ensuring confidence to a student and provision of constructive criticism at the same time. This is essential in making a student feel that the teaching assistant is concerned about his/ her progress, which motivates a student to learn more efficiently in an attempt to appreciate the teaching assistant’s effort and advice. Thus, one way that has promotes the student-teaching assistant relationship involves scheduling and overseeing checkup sessions, which facilitate a teaching assistant to be in tandem with a student’s progress.

In conclusion, various ways have been identified, which a teaching assistant can employ in ensuring that he/ she instills confidence in a student while at the same time constructive criticism prevails. These include the need to highlight a student’s strengths alongside his/ her weaknesses, establishing each student’s individual needs, and coming up with an action plan of dealing with the identified problems. An easier way of ensuring that a teaching assistant can advance constructive criticism to a student entails the formation of a congruent relationship. This plays a significant role in building of a student’s confidence, which allows for an environment where constructive criticism can be advanced. It should be noted that confidence plays a crucial role between the teaching assistant and student. On the side of the teaching assistant, this is so because it facilitates one in instructing and guiding a student effectively. Thus, it should be factored that administering of constructive feedback in a positive fashion works towards ensuring a student garners self-esteem and the required knowledge essential for becoming a better writer.

The Role of a Teaching Assistant. Custom The Role of a Teaching Assistant Essay Writing Service || The Role of a Teaching Assistant Essay samples, help

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