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The Problem of Slavery in the U.S.A.. Custom The Problem of Slavery in the U.S.A. Essay Writing Service || The Problem of Slavery in the U.S.A. Essay samples, help

Slavery in various forms at one time or another existed in all parts of the world. No race avoided this terrible form of social development. Slavery is a form of dependence of one person on another which is called in anthropology “rights-in-persons”. Such relationships are possible in a variety of social structures in any country and in any historical period. Their range is very wide, on the one hand, they include commitments to the family, spouses, and children, somewhere in the middle - relationships between superior and subordinate, and finally, on the other hand - the right to manage people as a commodity, sell, buy, and exchange them.

American slavery was not something like ancient slavery. It was formed in the womb of capitalism and reflected the characteristics of its formation in the agrarian economy of North America: because of the extreme narrowness of the market of the wage labor, American planters had to resort to the labor of black slaves. However, using slave labor was not in vain for plantation bourgeoisie which turned into a special class in which the features of typical capitalists and slave owners intertwined strangely and, at the same time, naturally.

From the beginning, The United States emerged as a slave state. Slavery was an integral part of American life. The first independent state in the Western Hemisphere, the United States, appeared as a result of the revolutionary war of the North American colonies and Britain for independence in 1775-1783 years. But, despite the slogans which proclaimed that "all people are created equal," the first American Revolution (the War of Independence 1775-1783 years) left untouched the negro slavery in the southern states. The second American Revolution – Civil War (1861-1865) also did not lead to a radical solution of negro problem.

The problem of slavery in the U.S.  is a complex set of socio-economic, socio-political, civil, racial issues the roots of which go deep into American history. As Douglas F. noted, “Slavery is a long-standing, deeply rooted into the economical, political and cultural life of the country institution which made and is still making a huge influence on the history of the U.S.”

If to talk about Civil War, the main reason of it was slavery and the desire of the southern states to extend it to the West against the wishes of the northern states. War was the culmination of opposition of the U.S. two farming systems - slavery and free labor. The main outcome of the Civil War was the abolishment of slavery. It took almost a century till the  fight of black Americans for their civil rights became really successful. It occurred not only under the influence of their own struggle which sometimes took violent forms, but also because of the evolution of the American society on the way of the recognition of human values and respect of human rights firstly proclaimed in America in 1776. The first step in this direction was the great document of the abolition of slavery signed by Abraham Lincoln. The Civil War in North America abolished slavery, but the ideological foundations of this institution still made an impact on the political life of the United States. Having absorbed the experience of slave aspirations of the colonial period, southern society has generated a huge amount of different racial theories.

Today, we can still use the term “hidden slavery”, because racial and ethnic groups are still discriminated in education and payment for labor. The problem of language discrimination is still touching the Spanish-speaking Americans, Indians, and the representatives of other groups who have retained their native language as a primary means of communication within the family and within their own ethnic groups. The broad masses of colored Americans have virtually no access to quality health care. In countries where there is the huge diversity of indigenous peoples and ethnic groups, the constant work on finding the solutions of social, educational, and cultural problems of these groups should be kept. It must be noted that the government takes some steps to the normalization of relations with the local population, but they do not have a large power to avoid interracial conflicts.

The Problem of Slavery in the U.S.A.. Custom The Problem of Slavery in the U.S.A. Essay Writing Service || The Problem of Slavery in the U.S.A. Essay samples, help

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