Deviant Behavior

Tattoos and piercings that are visible are not considered as deviant behavior. It is the way of self-expression. This act of behavior can be considered deviant in American society because some tattoos can cause public disapproval.

Breastfeeding a baby in public is quite normal and such behavior is not deviant. This is a natural process, and a mother must provide food for her child in any place. This act of behavior can be deviant because it can offend members of other cultures.

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Skateboarding in a public park is not deviant behavior because this way of entertainment is not harmful. It can be considered deviant because it can harm little children.

Showing hair in public is not deviant behavior, every person has every right to do it. It can be considered as deviant in order to prevent conflict with Muslims, because such behavior is unacceptable in their culture.

Smoking marijuana is the act of deviant behavior, because this can cause addiction.  Smoking marijuana is banned in the USA that is why it is an act of deviant behavior.

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Being a sex worker is an act of deviant behavior because of its social reprobation. In the United States, the behavior of a worker of such an industry can be considered as deviant because conservative people are against such type of conduct.

Direct eye contact is a very controversial thing. It depends on one’s interlocutor. It is often regarded as a sign of disrespect in American society.

Spanking a child, especially in public, is deviant because there are other adequate and successful methods of disciplining a child. In American society, this act of behavior is deviant. It is possible in all states to bring up a child using physical methods, but abuse leads to children's cruelty.

Foot binding is an act of deviant behavior.  Such a custom is not acceptable nowadays, because it is cruel towards women. Such behavior is deviant in American society because women have enough rights to refuse to do this.

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Stealing bread from the store to feed a child is a very controversial question. It is deviant behavior but these people can be understood. Such an act of behavior is not conventional in the society. It considered deviant in American society because it is actually a shoplifting offence, which is punishable by law.

Smoking in a restaurant is deviant behavior because a smoking person can bring harm to other people. This act of personal behavior is considered deviant in American society because smoking in a restaurant is banned in 29 states.

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